SONG: Amnesia

Aug 27, 2015

UPDATE: Feb 10, 2017.  This song now has an official music video!  Since the song/video is now fully supported as part of the Sr. Wooly curriculum, this blog page is now officially deprecated, and will be deleted soon.


I wrote the song Amensia a couple of years ago. It's the story of a man who loses his memory.  He runs from person to person asking for assistance, trying to remember who he is.  The song is designed to teach saber vs. conocer.  

This song has never gotten the "Sr. Wooly Treatment".  It doesn't have an accompanying video, and the recording is a little bit rough around the edges.  Occasionally I toy with the idea of making a video for Amnesia and polishing up the song in the process, but I don't current plans to do so.  I do think it's a fun way of teaching the differences between saber and conocer, so if a video interests you, let me know.

Karaoke Version:

Download this document containing Amnesia lyrics and cloze activities