VIDEO: La Casa del Sr. Wooly

Aug 27, 2015

La Casa del Sr. Wooly was the very first video I ever made for my Spanish classes.  

I was young, far more insecure in my Spanish, and I had almost no filmmaking experience at all.  I basically just grabbed my best friend since kindergarten and said, "Point the camera at me!"

Despite a few slow spots and some small errors in the Spanish, it's still a fun little video.  And it still has one or two memorable sequences that still make me chuckle.  I hope you enjoy it.

NOTE #1: Some of you long-time fans might notice that I chopped out the first minute of the video in which I drove around the neighborhood while singing to myself.  Unfortunately, that scene featured music that I don't own the rights to (A Summer Song, Chad and Jeremy), so I had to remove it.  Sorry about that.  At the time, I had no idea that anyone other than my own students would be watching it.

NOTE #2: The "monster" remains a mystery to this day.  No one involved in the making of this video has any idea who/what it was or how it got there.  

Do you still use this old video in your classroom?