The Wooly Philosophy

The 5 Principles that Guide Us

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Wooly Principle #1

The Story Comes First

While other educational companies try to find a sugar-coating to make grammar palatable, we just tell great stories with accessible and useful Spanish.

We believe love of language is a natural by-product of simply enjoying a good story.

Wooly Principle #2

Always Write with Relevant Language

Did you know that roughly 88% of spoken Spanish is the same 1000 words? So why are we making students learn vocabulary for car parts?

Even though our stories are frequently outlandish, the language we use to tell our stories is essential.

Wooly Principle #3

Older Kids Need Simple Spanish Too

Your students might be beginners at Spanish, but that doesn’t mean they want stories written for pre-schoolers. We write our stories for middle school and high school audiences.

Wooly Principle #4

Make Repetition Integral to the Story Itself

Exposing students to repetition is the foundation of any language program. But making that repetition compelling? That’s the hard part.

That's why we bake repetition into the very DNA of the story. Your students won't be bored since we make the repetition essential to the story.

Wooly Principle #5

Lean On Those Visuals

Visual storytelling not only provides students with essential support for text comprehension, but also allows us to convey complex ideas without complicating the text itself.

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