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Activity example Contra

A timed activity in which students answer comprehension questions while watching the video.

Contra Reloj banner
Contra Reloj banner

100+ Interactive Lessons for Each Story

No matter which video or novel you pick, we have the interactive lessons to back you up!

4 Proficiency Levels

Use any video or graphic novel with any class! Even if some of the lyrics in a particular music video are out-of-bounds, changing the proficiency level will tailor the activities to fit your class perfectly.

Easy Differentiation

Students acquire language at vastly different rates. For this reason, the teacher can secretly raise or lower an individual student's proficiency level. The student will never know you customized their learning!

160 Student Accounts

If you buy a teacher account, you’ll receive 160 student slots. Absolutely no hidden charges! Students never pay!

Wooly Coins and Badges!

Students receive coins and badges to reward them on their journey towards acquisition!

Activity example Luz Roja /
Luz Verde

A true/false activity designed to give students additional input of the language that narrates the story.

Contra Reloj banner
Contra Reloj banner

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of Wooly

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