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When we combine simple lyrics, great music, and compelling visual stories, acquisition is guaranteed!

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Over 30 music videos

...with engaging stories, accessible lyrics, and music so catchy that even the gym teacher will be humming along!

Story sample #1 Qué asco

A man likes gross food. He meets a woman who likes gross food. They like gross food together. But they don't like you.

Great for:

Me gusta! Me gustan! Me gustas! Food vocabulary! Gross out humor! Limonada mezclada con pollo!

Subtitle Options

We include 4 subtitle options so you can watch the videos the way you want to watch them.

A Ton of Resources

In addition to our online activities, we also offer thousands of printable resources including comprehension activities, puzzles, extended readings, and more.

Quite simply, we have enough resources to fill your lesson plans for years.

Story sample #2 Amnesia

A man wakes up in the middle of the street without any memories. He's lost. He's scared. Fortunately, the friendly townspeople seem eager to help out. Maybe a little too eager.

Great for:

Saber vs conocer! Asking for directions! Mysteries! Asking for help! Twilight Zone inspired stories!

Karaoke Mode

Convincing students to sing can be challenging, but when you have engaging karaoke videos like ours, it'll be hard to get your students to STOP singing!

Control the Library

Whether you want to unlock everything on day 1, or save some until next year, teachers have total control over the content in students' accounts.

Supplementary Videos

Extend the life of the stories with a variety of other videos: pop-up grammar, behind-the-scenes, find-the-hidden-object, and more!

The Music Video eLearning Activities

Leveled and Gamified Input

Hundreds of online comprehension activities for each music video!

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