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La Salvavidas is a song from my first album, Billy la Bufanda y Amigos.    It's a catchy little song about a boy who falls in love with a lifeguard.  It was very much inspired The Sandlot, a great little movie that I've seen far more times that I'd like to admit.  

UPDATE: Feb 6, 2017.  This song now has an official music video!  Since the song/video is now fully supported as part of the Sr. Wooly curriculum, this blog page is now officially deprecated, and will be deleted soon.

Odio la clase de español is a song from my second album, Billy la Bufanda Presenta Más Amigos.  It's a silly little song about a kid in Spanish class that, well, hates Spanish class.  

¿Dónde queda el museo? is a song from my first album, Billy la Bufanda y Amigos.  It's a simple rhythmic song to teach prepositional phrases.