SONG: Odio la clase de español

Aug 20, 2015

Odio la clase de español is a song from my second album, Billy la Bufanda Presenta Más Amigos.  It's a silly little song about a kid in Spanish class that, well, hates Spanish class.  


These days when I write music, I always plan the video and song at the same time.  However, back when I wrote Odio la clase de español, the music was the only thing I was thinking about.  That said, I occasionally go back and retroactively make a video to fit with an old song (which is what I did with ¿Puedo ir al baño? for example), but sometimes I think that the music doesn't really require any visuals.  In this case, I don't currently have any plans to make a video for this song.  


Download this document containing lyrics and cloze activities.

Do you guys still use this old song?  How have you used it in your classroom?