Wooly Week Day 1: No Lo Tengo Music Video!

Feb 03, 2017

Wooly Week starts TODAY!! But enough hype. Let's get started.

Today I release a brand new music video.


Without a doubt, No Lo Tengo was one of the most challenging projects I have ever attempted. In fact, I have wanted to do this project for years, but didn't know if I had the skill to pull it off. Doing a one-take video is always a daunting prospect, particularly when you're determined to work with authentic Spanish students, not professional actors.

In fact, the lead performer, Sylvia, seen in the picture below, had never acted or sung in anything prior to this project.

Image from No Lo Tengo

For those who have been clamoring for videos better suited to beginners, then No Lo Tengo is definitely for you.

The story is perfect for teaching direct object pronouns, classroom objects, and the school schedule. It's repetitive, uses very simple Spanish, and is exceedingly comprehensible. In fact, you could easily use this song on day 1 of Spanish 1, and your students will understand it.

Another still from No Lo Tengo

By the way, if you're already familiar the song No Lo Tengo, please know that this is a new version of the music; we re-recorded all instruments, we changed some of the lyrics, and I am no longer singing.

In case you're fiercely loyal to the old version, please know I'm not throwing it away. It will still be very accessible through my site, and you are welcome to use it anytime.

But, personally, I think you're going to love the new version.

Watch this sample

To watch the rest of the video, log into your account or purchase a subscription.


I want to make sure that you have the support that you need to successfully implement No Lo Tengo in your classroom.


Here are the new materials for No Lo Tengo that are available immediately:

  • Over a hundred activities for No Lo Tengo on the online PRO curriculum. They're all ready to go, and students can begin using them immediately.
  • A downloadable support packet for No Lo Tengo with pre, mid, and post written activities.

As usual, all support materials are available for PRO subscribers.

NOTE: If you want your students to see No Lo Tengo on their student accounts, remember to unblock it.



No Lo Tengo is only the beginning. Check back every day during Wooly Week for some more awesome stuff.