SONG: No lo tengo

Aug 27, 2015

UPDATE: Feb 6, 2017.  This song now has an official music video!  Since the song/video is now fully supported as part of the Sr. Wooly curriculum, this blog page is now officially deprecated, and will be deleted soon.


No lo tengo is a song from my second album, Billy la Bufanda Presenta Más Amigos.    It's a fun little story about a boy who needs various things for his classes, but doesn't have them.  Great for teaching classes, class objects, and direct object pronouns.


Out of all the songs I have wrtten that have no accompanying video, this one is my absolute favorite.   Making a video for No Lo Tengo is a priority, and it will happen, I promise you.  But my script for the video is...ambitious.  And, to be frank, I don't want to make it until my budget can match my ambition.  When you finally get to see it, I think you'll agree that the wait was worth it.  

In the meantime, enjoy the song.

Here is the karaoke version of the song:


Here is a document containing the lyrics and a couple of cloze activities.