They're baaaaaack...

May 11, 2022


The Wooly Digest Illustration
May 11, 2022
Dear Friends,
Yesterday, I shared news about our upcoming rock opera, El antídoto del dragón.
However, that news was just the tip of the iceberg! 
La lucha de la limonada lesson plans cover image
While we've admittedly been a little quieter than normal lately, it's only because we've been preparing to launch one of the biggest Wooly years ever in the 2022-23 school year. 
So what is today's big announcement?
After many years, the Ganga Girls are finally coming back for a brand new, live-action Wooly music video.
Any there any more details?
Nope. This one is shrouded in mystery, and it will remain that way until the day of its release.
Rest assured we have some big surprises up our sleeves.
When will it be released?
¡Queremos eso! will be released this fall of 2022.
2022-23 will be the biggest Wooly year ever
El antídoto del dragón and ¡Queremos eso! are just two of the major projects we'll be releasing in the fall. 
Tomorrow I'll send out a third newsletter with a sneak peak of another new major release.
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