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Five new Sr. Wooly resources

Dec 04, 2014

If you only use my videos and songs, you’re not even close to touching the sheer quantity of resources available on this site.

Here are five new resources that I think you’ll find to be valuable:

1) Pop-Up Video for Sé Chévere

Lots of amusing tidbits on the creation of this video. Watch it by clicking on the "Stories" button after loggin in.

2) Pop-Up Video for Qué Asco

Fun facts about the making of the video, along with grammar tips on how to properly conjugate gustar. Watch it by clicking on the "Stories" button after loggin in.

3) Lectura document for ¡Es una ganga!

This new document contains basic and advanced level embedded readings that review the story of Es una ganga (10 versions total). For more information on embedded reading, I encourage you to visit The site does a way better job of explaining the activity than I could, and you’ll find lots of wonderful ideas on how to implement it in your classroom.

In addition, it also contains a brand new story in which the strange female duo go to a Mexican restaurant. Their server, the waitress from ¡PAN!, is still having nightmares about bread-obsessed teenagers.

4) Lectura document for Guapo

Basic and Advanced level embedded readings that review the story of Víctor and his good looks. There are 10 versions total, making this a perfect differentiated reading activity.

5) Supplementary packet for La Dentista

16 pages of review activities for La Dentista.


These great resources are only available to subscribers.