Video Tutorial #7: El Rompecabezas

Apr 23, 2013

Sr. Wooly’s seventh activity is a unique take on the jigsaw puzzle. Unlike other activities in this series, this one requires very little explanation. Although there is nothing particularly ground-breaking about this puzzle, I think you’ll find that it’s simple, easy-to-administer, and valuable. I hope you like it.

Activity 7: El Rompecabezas

Also, I have developed extensive resources for this activity. For each of my music videos, I have created six puzzles, which means you have over 80 puzzles that you can print out and use immediately. These resources are only available to subscribers. 


TIP #1

Sometimes, if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll put students in small groups and tell them to organize the puzzle. However, I give them absolutely NO INSTRUCTIONS. They don’t know that they’re supposed to form a grid. Usually, they can still figure out what they’re supposed to do. That said, depending on the class, be prepared for some whining.

 TIP #2:

If you’re going to take the time to cut up these puzzles, I recommend that you print then out on cardstock and/or laminate them. They’ll get pretty beat up otherwise.