Graphic novels are now included in the subscription!

Mar 02, 2021






Yes, you read that right! 
All of our best-selling graphic novels will be included as part of our Wooly subscription, and at no additional cost.  
We shared this news last week in our big announcement video.
However, not everyone has time for a 14-minute video, so in today's newsletter, I'll share the cliff notes.  
Over the past few years, Juan Carlos and I created 4 graphic novels. The books have been wildly popular, selling over 100,000 copies.
4 Wooly graphic novels
However, we never released these books digitally. We felt that there was no way to do justice to a graphic novel through a pdf or e-reader. In our opinion, getting to feel that book in the hand was too integral to the the experience.
But when quarantine happened, we got hit with a massive demand for a digital version of these books.  
We decided to try. However, we made one big decision right up front:
The digital books couldn't just be some watered-down version of the real thing. They had to offer something that the physical books could never do. 
This is what we came up with:
Feature #1:
A Minimalist E-Reader
We realized very quickly that, if we wanted to do this right, we would have to build our own e-reader from scratch.
We wanted something that would get the interface out of the way so that we could truly showcase the artwork.
Minimalist E-Reader
The above gif is actual footage of our e-reader in action. Notice the total lack of buttons and scroll bars?  But this isn't just some picture viewer. While it might look simple on the surface, this e-reader has some jaw-dropping features.
Check out this tutorial video for of the simplicity of the e-reader.  
Feature #2:
Page Vs Panel
Read the graphic novel the way you want! Our application allows you to view the whole page or one illustration at a time. 
Page vs Panel
Some students will enjoy seeing the composition of the full page, while others will enjoy the simplicity of sequential illustrations.
We think Panel View will be particularly popular for teachers who wish to project the book on the whiteboard or via Zoom.  
To see Page Vs Panel in use, check out 5:28 of the announcement video.
Feature #3:
A contextual glossary
No more wasting time at the back of the book! With one click, students can access the translations they need for that particular page or panel.
A contextual glossary
Plus, the glossary is truly contextual! In other words, if they look up "fui", they will not see "I went; I was".  They will only see the singular definition as it pertains to the specific dialogue they're reading.  
Want to see how easy the glossary is?  Check out 6:18 of the announcement video.
Feature #4:
Professionally-recorded audio
To make the reading experience more accessible and comprehensible, professional actors (almost all of whom are native speakers) have recorded every single line of dialogue. 
Professionally recorded audio
However, we can't showcase audio in an email, so we encourage you to check out how it sounds at 8:03 of the announcement video.
Feature #5:
4 Levels of Dialogue
I know that I can be prone to hyperbole in these newsletters, but what I'm about to share is one of the most exciting things we've released in years.
We re-wrote the dialogue of these graphic novels ... four times.
4 levels of dialogue
You read that right. We wrote the dialogue of each of our graphic novels 4 times in order to make reading accessible from Spanish 1 all the way through Spanish heritage.  
Mind you, this isn't some quick re-write where we converted the present tense into the past tense. We literally took each line of dialogue and decided how to strip it down to the basics at lower levels and add detail and texture at the upper levels.
This is HUGE, and when you see that all of your students will be able to read these books, we know you'll agree with us.
To see this feature in action, check out 9:25 of the announcement video.
So what does this all cost?  
We are including everything I just mentioned in this newsletters as part of the Sr. Wooly subscription at no additional cost.
You heard that right! It's all included.  
No, you don't need to buy a higher subscription-tier. No, you don't need to purchase an add-on pack. No, we are not raising prices.
Quite simply, if you want access to Wooly's digital graphic novels, all you need is an active Pro subscription.  
In fact, the first of the graphic novels is live on the site right now!
La casa de la dentista, Capítulo 1
La casa de la dentista has been broken into two chapters.  Chapter 1 is available now, and chapter 2 will come out next week.
Two weeks after that, we'll release our best-selling Billy y las botas, closely followed by the full 300-page Me llamo Víctor story, which is broken into 5 chapters.
And, of course, we're not stopping there. We have a lot of exciting plans for new graphic novels in the fall.
Sr. Wooly Subscription
Sr. Wooly Annual
Sr. Wooly Annual
This 365- subscription is valid for 1 teacher. It includes:
  • Access to music videos
  • Access to graphic novels (as they are released)
  • 160 student accounts
  • 4 proficiency levels
  • 10,000+ eLearning activities
  • Thousands of printable pages
  • 10% off most items in Wooly store
NOTE: We also offer an auto-renewing monthly subscription option.
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Whether you're purchasing subscriptions in bulk for your whole department, or simply getting your school to buy a single copy of a graphic novel, we are happy to work with you.  
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