Wooly Wk Day 4: You've all been waiting for this one

Feb 12, 2018

A Sneak Peek of

People have been requesting this video for years. And, truthfully, we really tried to have it ready for Wooly Week. However, it quickly became clear that, to do this amazing story justice, we needed a little more time.

However, to whet your appetite, would you like to see a preview of what's headed your way?

Trust me: when you see what we have in store, you will understand why we need extra time to do this ... just right.

The preview includes a little intro at the beginning, which might seem superfluous, but it's necessary if you wish to understand the context of the story.



New Embedded Readings

Many teachers have told us that, while they like the embedded readings, they want versions that are more targeted to their intermediate students.

Say no more! Today, we release over 300 pages of new embedded readings.

Brand New Embedded Readings with Beginner and Intermediate Levels:

  • Billy la Bufanda
  • Billy y las Botas
  • La Confesión de Víctor
  • Me Duele
  • No Voy a Levantarme
  • ¡Qué Asco!
  • Los Quehaceres
  • Sé Chévere

Updated Embedded Readings with Intermediate Level:

  • ¿Adónde Vas?
  • Amnesia
  • El Banco
  • Billy la Bufanda Enseña Los Animales
  • Billy y las Botas 2
  • La Dentista
  • ¡Es una ganga!
  • Las Excusas
  • Guapo
  • La Invitación
  • No Lo Tengo
  • ¡PAN!
  • ¿Puedo ir al baño?
  • El Recreo Ha Terminado
  • Ya Está Muerto