Day 1 of Wooly Week - Karaoke Videos

Feb 05, 2019

It's finally here! The 3rd annual Week starts TODAY!!

The weeklong celebration of all things Wooly begins today, and we're hitting the ground running with a huge new release.

Whether you're planning on just using the new releases of the week, or if you plan on following the detailed, daily lesson plans, we promise that Wooly Week will be a celebration to remember.

You'll find details on the big Monday release below.

Jim Wooldridge (a.k.a. Sr. Wooly)






Monday's Big Release:
Ask and you shall receive!  Many teachers have been hoping for karaoke videos for a long time, and as of today, they are here!  
GIF of me duele karaoke video
Each music video now has TWO karaoke videos, one with vocals and another without any vocals.  To find them, visit any song in our catalog, and scroll below the video to "Other videos" and select from the choices.
GIF of El banco karaoke video

These videos bring genuine, goofy fun to class, and are also a valuable educational tool. Sing-alongs help with language acquisition, providing an additional and novel way of taking in the song and focusing on the lyrics. Perhaps even more importantly, they can increase engagement with the song as well as build classroom community.   

The Lesson Plans
If you've been reading the newsletters, you know that we have released comprehensive lesson plans for up to 2 weeks!  However, some of that information is [REDACTED] in order to preserve some of the week's surprises.  
Good news!  The Monday lesson plans have been UNREDACTED.  Please re-read the Monday lesson plans to get all the details on how to implement Karaoke Champion in your classes!
To find the lesson plans, click on STORIES, then choose either Wooly Welcome, Wooly Wildcard, or Wooly Warhorse.  These are the 3 tiers of lesson plans.  Choose "Extras".  There you'll find everything you need!