New Music Video: La Invitación

Apr 12, 2015

My newest music video, La Invitación is here!!

La Invitación is a simple story about a boy who likes a girl. He asks her out. She says no.

Written in 2007, La Invitación was the very first educational song I ever wrote. I never intended to make a music video for it, but after receiving hundreds of requests, I finally caved.

If you already know the song, you’ll immediately notice that the music has been updated for the video. However, at its core, it’s still fundamentally the same song from back when I first started teaching Spanish.

La Invitación is the most grade school-friendly video that I’ve ever made. Mind you, I didn’t set out to make a video for younger audiences. But sometimes the story leads the way, and all I can do is step back and let it happen.

While some of your older students might be upset that it isn’t demented like Es Una Ganga, I think they’ll still get a kick out of it. I personally think it’s pretty amusing.

Watch La Invitación by going to the stories page after logging in.