Monsieur Wooly

Apr 30, 2018

For the first time ever, we here at Señor Wooly are dipping our toes into French!

Now, admittedly, we're only releasing a little bit at first. We have a massive amount of content, and we want to do it right. However, should these new French products below be well-received, we will do a whole lot more.

Wooly Fans! Please share the information below with your French colleagues! Tell them how student engagement soars, how students can't wait for Wooly days, and how the stories are unlike anything else out there.

But fear not, Spanish teachers, I haven't forgotten about you. I'll have some exciting news for you all in a few days.

Jim Wooldridge

For our very first French product, we decided to release our new graphic novel, LE MANOIR DE LA DENTISTE.  
As one of our most well-reviewed stories ever, it was the obvious choice for the inaugural French product.  
French Graphic Novel, LE MANOIR DE LA DENTISTE
LE MANOIR DE LA DENTISTE is a 114-page graphic novel written by me, illustrated by Juan Carlos Pinilla, and translated by Agnès Denvir (with additional translations by Cécile Lainé).
It tells the story of Caroline, one of the only children in the small island community who still believes in the Legend of the Dentist.  Most of the other kids think it's just a lie to get them to brush their teeth.  However, if it's indeed just a lie, why do none of the adults in town have any teeth?    
Page 5 of book
Page 6 of book
The first printing of this French graphic novel is small.  Therefore, if you're interested in being one of the first people to get your hands on it, you'll want to move fast.  We sold out of the Spanish version very quickly, and we anticipate the same will happen with the French version.
This book is in stock and will ship immediately.
You didn't think I was going to leave you without a French Wooly music video, did you?  
To celebrate the release of graphic novel, Le Manoir de La Dentiste, we will soon be releasing a download of two Sr. Wooly music videos, both of them professionally translated, recorded and performed by French native speakers.  
Two French Wooly Music Videos
If you pre-order this digital download, you will receive the following:
  • La Dentiste, the original cult music video that has been seen by millions of Spanish students. 
  • Six Fois Par Jour, the music video companion to the graphic novel.
  • For both videos, subtitle options in French, English, None, and simultaneous French/English.
  • MP3s of both songs.
  • Karaoke MP3s of both songs.
  • A 20+ page supplementary packet for each song containing activities that students can do before, during and after viewing the videos.  
Two French Wooly Music Videos
Two French Wooly Music Videos
Pre-order the music video pack for $20.   It will be delivered on August 1, 2018.  
And, remember: if French teachers support these first music videos, we will do more!  
NOTE: If you order 30 or more Manoir graphic novels, you will receive these music videos for FREE.  Plus, you'll also get the Manoir de La Dentiste Teacher's Guide for free too!  
Le Manoir de La Dentiste Teacher's Guide
If you purchase Le Manoir de La Dentiste, you will also want to pre-order the teacher's guide.
Manoir de La Dentiste Teacher's Guide
The Teacher's Guide contains the following documents:
1) The ridiculously comprehensive, 400+ page circling guide.  This document contains recommendations on conversation topics and structures for every single panel in the book!
Page 12 of the teacher's guide
An example from the Spanish teacher's guide. The French version will be released on Aug 1, 2018.
However, you can pre-order it now.
2) A PowerPoint containing all panels from the book.  This will allow you to easily display portions of the book on the projector.
3) A second PowerPoint containing all panels from the book, but with dialogue stripped out.  A phenomenal resource for getting students to focus entirely on the illustration without the distraction of the dialogue.  Also great for asking students to make predictions about what's happening (and what will happen) in the story.  
Pre-order the Teacher's Guide for $45. It will be delivered on August 1. 
NOTE: Teachers who purchase 30+ copies of the graphic novel will receive this teacher's guide, plus the music video pack for FREE!
Although we have built a reputation among Spanish teachers for creating some of the most high-quality, engaging educational stories around, we also know that we are untested within the French community.
That's why we are offering an "early adopter" discount code for 10% off any of the above products.
Apply this code during checkout to receive 10% Sr. Wooly's new French products.  

NOTE: To thank Spanish teachers for sharing this news with French colleagues, the code can also be applied to the best-selling SPANISH graphic novels, Billy y las Botas and La Casa de La Dentista.
Code expires on 5/24/2018.
Yes, Sr. Wooly accepts purchase orders!
Perhaps your school or district will purchase a Sr. Wooly subscription for you!
Please download this order form that contains instructions on how to set up a purchase order with Sr. Wooly.
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