FRENCH Music Video Pack #1 - La Dentiste


FRENCH Music Video Pack #1 - La Dentiste

This is a digital product. You will be able to download it after completing your purchase.

This digital download contains Sr. Wooly's first two music videos ever translated into French!!  It contains:

  • La Dentiste, the cult hit about a girl who goes to the dentist, only to discover that the dentist is far worse than she could have ever imagined.  This is one of Sr. Wooly's most memorable videos ever.  
  • Six Fois Par Jour, a new music video (released in 2018) that is directly related to the graphic novel, Le Manoir de la Dentiste.  If you're buying the graphic novel, this companion video is an absolute must.

But wait!  This digital download has more than you think.  It also includes:

  • Both videos contain the following subtitle options: French, English, French and English at the same time, and no subtitles at all.
  • MP3s of each song, as well as the karaoke versions.
  • Supplementary packets for both videos, containing lyrics as well as support materials to be completed before, during and after viewing the videos.
  • 5 embedded readings for La Dentiste
  • PowerPoint documents for each video, containing screenshots of all the major moments in the videos

NOTE: This product is free with the purchase of a class set of 30 or more Le Manoir de La Dentiste Graphic Novels

At the moment, no. However, if French teachers and students like these first music videos, then we will make more. Eventually, if there is enough demand, we will launch a comparable subscription plan. For the moment, however, the digital download is the only way to get these first Sr. Wooly French music videos.

All Dentiste materials are intended for middle school and high school. They feature somewhat scary and tense moments that might scare younger viewers.

Assuming that French teachers like and support these first French products, then yes, we absolutely will!! Meanwhile, I'm going to try to figure out what rhymes with "écharpe".

Yes, we accept purchase orders from school districts!

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