FRENCH Music Video Pack #2 - Billy


FRENCH Music Video Pack #2 - Billy

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Billy la bufanda has been a staple of Spanish classes for over 10 years.  And it's no wonder why.  Beyond the great music and compelling storytelling, these videos carry a truly unique blend of absurdity and sincerity, the likes of which could only come from the demented mind of Sr. Wooly.  It's this unique style which makes these videos just as popular in elementary school as they are in high school.  Truly, there is nothing else out there quite like the Billy series.

And it's finally time for French students to get in on the fun.

This digital download includes all five Billy music videos:

  • Billy l'écharpe
  • Billy et les bottes
  • Billy et les bottes 2
  • Billy l’écharpe vous apprend les animaux
  • Billy et les bottes 3

But videos aren't the only thing you get in this package.  Here's a full breakdown of everything you will receive in this digital download:

  • Optional Subtitles! French, English, French and English at the same time, and (of course) no subtitles at all.
  • MP3s of all five songs.  Plus, karaoke tracks!
  • Supplementary packets for all stories that contain printable lyrics and activities.  Over 100 pages of resources!
  • Embedded readings for all five stories, written at varying proficiency levels.
  • PowerPoint slideshow containing screenshots from all the major moments in the videos.

Interested in both the Billy music videos and the Billy graphic novels!?  Buy the Billy French Combo pack!

I had the pleasure of working with the excellent translator, Agnès Denvir, a native speaker of France as well as a French teacher. Not only is her language impeccable, but she also knows how to pare down the language to essential high-frequency structures. Additional translations were made by Cécile Lainé, another native speaker and French teacher.

Billy la bufanda has been used successfully in elementary through high school for years. Some teachers assume it's just for young kids since the imagery does seem like it's targeting younger audiences. However, although the story is perfectly appropriate for elementary, the humor is much more targeted to middle school and high school.

I'm so glad you asked! Absolutely not! These French videos are the results of months of work. We actually went back into the original source files, reanimated the mouths to match the French lyrics, and changed over 100 pieces of artwork! Billy even visits the Louvre now!

Yes, we accept purchase orders from school districts!

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