Billy y las Botas Graphic Novel


Billy y las Botas Graphic Novel

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Sr. Wooly's brand new, 52-page, full-color graphic novel that tells the story of how Billy the Scarf meets and falls in love with The Boots.  Adapted from Sr. Wooly's popular music video of the same name, this comic is not just a faithful retelling.  Rather, it features new insights into beloved characters, hilarious new dialogue, and exciting action sequences.  Plus, readers will finally learn the restored original ending that was cut from the video.  The first printing sold out in 2 weeks, so be sure to get your hand on the second printing while it's still in stock.

Contains a Spanish-to-English glossary at the back of the book.



Patty Wilcox (Larned, KS)

Many of my students do not read and don't like reading. Both of the classes that I have been experimenting using the graphic novel with begged me to allow them to read it. Students who never read were reading the novel! That to me is a major achievement!

Arianne Dowd (Monmouth Junction, NJ)

"My weak readers absolutely love the graphic novel. One girl actually said today that is the best book she ever read! And she usually doesn't enjoy reading, so thank you for this awesome material!!"

The text is written at a Novice Mid level, which means it's generally appropriate for Levels 1 through 3. Although such a large range might seem odd, remember that graphic novels are quite different from straight text. With 75% of the story being told via illustrations, students have much higher tolerances for unknown vocabulary and structures. We have seen this story be very successful from beginner Spanish classes all the way through heritage classes.

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