Annual Señor Wooly Subscription


Annual Señor Wooly Subscription


365 days of Sr. Wooly for $12.50 a month!  This gives 1 teacher access to every single single video and song.  But that's not all.  You also gain access to:

  • 160 student accounts
  • The online student curriculum with over a thousand activities
  • La Rocola del Sr. Wooly Videogame
  • Over a thousand pages of downloadable support materials, including embedded readings, worksheets, and more
  • 10% off products in the store


Bradley Miller (Fitzwilliam, NH)

Your videos created a wonder and curiosity in certain students whom I could not reach alone. Their tone diffused tense situations, they were a great way of ending my last period class, and they made tough kids sing and laugh regardless of what they had waiting for them at home. French students would take Spanish as a senior because they heard those songs through the wall and had to know what they meant. You make such a difference.

Emily Williams (Boise, ID)

Your work continues to amaze me. I am beyond thankful for the materials you are making available through your website. No other program or resource has made such an impact on my teaching and what the students are learning.

Kathy Babb (Lakewood, CO)

Your site is totally worth the money! I love it and so do my students! Gracias por todo.

Whitney Oliver, Stephen T. Badin High School (Hamilton, OH)

I decided to try out [the online Pro curriculum] with my Spanish III at your Intermediate low level. I knew it would be easy for them, but I needed something fun for them. As soon as I played “El Banco” on Monday, they were hooked. They have been begging all week to watch the video again, and do more nuggets. THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST WEEK ALL YEAR FOR THEM!!

Michelle Nicola (Portland, OR)

I would like to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work. You provide an amazing resources to us lesser musically inclined teachers - at a very affordable cost. I struck gold the day I stumbled upon your site. I tried everything with one of my classes this year, but it was your video PAN that really got the whole class on my side. They LOVE this.

A Sr. Wooly subscription is valid for only for one full-time teacher.

However, if there are multiple teachers in your school or district who want access, please contact me to inquire about a bulk rate.

Teachers with a Pro subscription have access to everything:
• Every single song, video, game, downloadable resource, and more.
• The ability to create student accounts and control what students see on those accounts.

Student accounts have access to different things:
• Specific stories that their teacher has unlocked.
• An online curriculum that walks them step-by-step through the story.

160 student accounts. If you need more, email us and plead your case.

Yes, we accept purchase orders from school districts!

Download this document containing an order form and instructions.

Once you have completed the information contained in the above document, send it using one of these methods:

FAX: 866-558-1602

Email: [email protected]

Address: Wooly Learning, Inc., P.O. Box 903, Skokie, IL 60076

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