We changed the way students log into Wooly

Nov 29, 2021


Dear friends,
If you've used Wooly with your students at any point over the past 5 years, you likely have strong opinions about this image:
The above icon password system is how students have been logging into Wooly for many years.
To call this system divisive would be an understatement.
And although it's not without certain charms, the reality is that this log-in has consistently been the biggest complaint about Wooly for years. 
So, we finally changed it.
What has changed?
As you can see in the image below, we now offer multiple log-in options:
Wooly Log-in Options
Google Single Sign-On. For students who have been given Google accounts by their school/district. 
ClassLink Single Sign-On. For students who have been given ClassLink accounts by their school/district.
Username. A traditional username/password system.
Icon Password. The system students have been using for years. It will be phased out over the coming month.
Converting existing student accounts couldn't be easier
The teacher will change the student log-in setting at the class level. 
Changing the class setting
In the above gif, a teacher changes Period 1 to Google.
Students log in with the "icon password" -- the same way they always have.
Step 2: Student Log-in
In the above gif, the student selects "icon password", and logs in the way they always have. Although the teacher is converting the class to Google, the student should not select Google yet. 
After successfully entering their icon password, the student will be asked to convert to the new system.
Step 3: Conversion
In the above gif, the student enters the icon password, and then they are asked to "Log In with Google". That's it! From now on, the student will log in with Google.
If you want a slightly more in-depth explanation on how to convert your student accounts, I encourage you to watch this 3.5 minute tutorial video.  
Video on student account conversion
No loss of progress!
We created a system that makes it virtually impossible for students to lose their data when converting to the new login method.
Quite simply, their old log-in is not removed until the new one is fully set up. 
Is it possible to keep the icon password system?
Unfortunately, no. Security and privacy remain one of our highest priorities, and this new system is a massive improvement on all levels. 
In the coming weeks, you will be asked to convert your classes to one of the new log-in systems.
Do these new logins collect personally identifying student data?
One of the best features of the old icon system is that it collected very little personally identifying data on students. No last names. No emails.
We haven't changed that. In fact, we've improved it.
The username system actually collects even less data than the old icon system. We still don't ask for last names or emails, but now we also don't collect the student's city and state.
Google and ClassLink collect whatever data that your school or district approved, but this is important: Aside from student names, we don't see and/or collect any of that data. For example, it's impossible for us to see student emails. 
Why wait? Do it now!
The account conversion process is really simple. 
The teacher changes the student log-in setting for each class.
Students log in the old way (the "icon password" system).
After logging in, the website will convert them to whichever system you chose in Step 1.
We are always happy to help. Send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions.