The single best newsletter in Wooly history!!

Aug 23, 2023





The Wooly Digest Illustration
August 23, 2023
Dear {{ insert first_name 'default=Friends' }}, 
I've been accused of embracing hyperbole too much in these newsletters. 
Maybe they're right. After all, here's how I initially started writing today's newsletter:
"You won't believe the electrifying year we have planned! Hold onto your seats, and prepare to be wowed!"
Yeah, they might have a point.
I have decided to push back against these hyperbolic instincts. In today's back-to-school newsletter, there will be no hype! No words like "best", "pinnacle", or "mind-blowing"!! No exclamation points!!!
Let's start over.
August 23, 2023
Dear {{ insert first_name 'default=Friends' }}, 
In today's newsletter, I will state simple facts about the school year.
  1. We will release new stories this school year.
  2. The new stories will be appropriate for all ages.
  3. We are working on more lesson plans.
  4. Wooly Week 2024 will happen.
  5. It's going to be the most legendary year in Señor Wooly history, the pinnacle of your teaching careers, and holy guacamole, everything will be mind-blowingly transcendent!!!
Dang it. 
But seriously friends, we really do have great stuff planned for this 2023-24 school year.
Reflecting on last year, I am immensely proud of our releases, notably stories like El antídoto del dragón and Queremos eso, but I also recognize the call for shorter and more elementary-friendly content. I think you'll be very pleased with what we have planned.
Thanks for taking the time to engage with this newsletter! I wish everyone an excellent start to the school year.
Please keep reading for vital information, updates, and a very popular item that's 50% off!
Warmest Regards,
Jim Wooldridge
Student Introduction to Wooly
Do you need to introduce new students to Wooly? Here is a new 8-minute video that walks students through sign up and navigation. We recommend teachers watch it too!
Señor Wooly Student Account Tutorial Video
The video is not a comprehensive overview, but it shares enough info to get students on the right path.
¡Mil gracias!
I want to give a huge thank you to Jodi Stokdyk, Kaitlin Leppert, Juan Carlos Pinilla, Carrie Toth, and Kelly Ferguson who worked so hard on the brand new "¿Puedo ir al baño?" lesson plans. 
This project has been months of arduous planning, writing, leveling, and designing, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
The cover image for the ¿Puedo ir al baño? lesson plans
Did you miss last week's announcement about these amazing 5-day plans and assessments?
Learn more about this major new release right here
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This is why every single Spanish teacher, even at higher levels, needs question word posters that they can regularly reference as they converse with students.
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