NEW VIDEO: The Ganga Girls are back!

Mar 09, 2023


March 9, 2023
Dear Friends, 
After 8 years, we have finally released the Es una ganga sequel that everyone has been waiting for. It's a brand new music video called ¡Queremos eso!, and trust me when I say that this one is for the fans.
Queremos eso story banner
I'm not going to spoil anything about the story. All I'll tell you is that this was the one that had everyone gasping in surprise all throughout the Wooly launch event.
Queremos eso story banner
We haven't shared a lot about this video because, quite simply, almost every single frame of this video is a spoiler.
Haven't seen it yet? Well, if you don't want to be spoiled, I suggest you go watch our newest Wooly music video, ¡Queremos eso!
The Lesson Plans
We want to help you teach Queremos eso! It might be tempting to simply click play on this video, but there's so much more you can do!
As part of Wooly Week, we have released 5 days of absolutely incredibly lesson plans.
Remember, the more activities you do with your students, the more raffle tickets you'll earn!
Queremos eso 5 day lesson plans
The plans are in your accounts and available right now! To find them, navigate to the story page, and go to the resources tab.
We have written everything for you -- the plans, the rationales, and we've even leveled the resources so you can use each activity with any group of students!
Webinar on the Queremos eso Lesson Plans
Tonight we are offering another free webinar, conducted by Kelly Ferguson and Kaitlin Leppert, in which we walk you step-by-step through the 5-day lesson plans.
DATE: Tonight, March 9
TIME: 8pm EST (7pm CST)
Wooly Week Launch Event
El antídoto del dragón Lesson Plans Webinar
La ciudad de La Dentista Lesson Plans Webinar
Feeling Lost about Wooly Week?
If you're not quite sure what to make of Wooly Week, please read this Intro to Wooly Week 2023 document.
It will teach you the basics, including what Wooly Week is, how to participate, the amazing prizes that are being offered, and more. 
Intro to Wooly Week document.
Are you a member of the Facebook group, Woology? It's a fantastic resource for sharing ideas about how to use Wooly.
In addition, Woology will be ground zero for discussing the Wooly Week lesson plans. There will be a lot of people sharing ideas, making modifications, asking questions, and more. 
I'll be there too! Join us!