Graphic Novel Training Part 5: Pre-Teaching with Carrie Toth!

Jun 13, 2016

In this tutorial, we finally get into the classroom with Carrie Toth and her students.  Carrie will pre-teach some key phrases and vocabulary that students will need for the activities ahead.  This tutorial is also a primer on teaching with comprehensible input.  Length: 5:40

Novice High Interpretive Listening:
I can understand simple information when presented with pictures and graphs.


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Part 6: More Pre-Teaching with Carrie Toth! (5:24)


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Director: Jim Wooldridge
Videographer: Adrian Ralls
Editor: Jim Wooldridge
Colorist: Dmitry Kuznetsov
Teacher: Carrie Toth
Students: Adam J-Dogg, Hayley, Kayla, Reid, Shane, Sharese
Thank You to Carlyle Christian Church and Aw Yeah Comics!