Video Tutorial #8: Una Ganga

Nov 20, 2013

This new video tutorial will teach students a fantastic conversational activity called Una Ganga.

I created this activity a few years ago when I was struggling to bring life to the selling and bargaining conversation that is a staple of most Spanish classrooms. My students had always practiced it via role play, but I couldn’t find a way to add real energy and stakes.

After all, how do you add high-level interest to a shopping situation in which no real products or currency are being exchanged?

I think you’ll find that this activity really brings the conversation to life. At first, it may seem rather simplistic, but I promise that your students will really get into this.

One warning: This is not a game that teaches the bargaining conversation. You need to prepare them in advance. However, once they have had a couple of days of practice, they will be ready for this activity.

Activity #8: Una Ganga


For more information on this activity, please download the free resource packet. It has a ton of information about variations you can do on the activity to keep it interesting, how much money you can give each player, and more. Plus, you can get copies of everything I used, like the “Wooly Bucks” and the vocal sheet.