Wooly Raffle WINNERS!!!

Feb 16, 2017

The winners have been selected!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. We had a very large turnout, far bigger than we expected, and we wish we could have given a prize to everyone.  To all those you participated, thank you for the time and enthusiasm that you put into this contest.  Wooly Week and the Wooly Raffle were a ridiculous amount of work, and you all made every second of it worth it.  Thank you so much for everything.  

If you did not win, please play next year!  Although the prizes will be different, I assure that I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Winners will receive an email early next week.  Thank you again for taking part in this project.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.


Grand Prize
Original Song!

WINNER: Jennifer Bilby

If you win this grand prize, Sr. Wooly will interview you, then take those details and write an original, fictional song/story about you.

Sr. Wooly writes a song for you!

How awesome is that?! You'll be the only Spanish teacher in the world that Sr. Wooly has made a song about. Granted, it's bound to be ridiculous and weird, but it'll be ABOUT YOU. From this point on, anytime your students show you any kind of disrespect, all you'll have to do is play the song, and they'll quickly fall in line.

Again, this is not "mad libs" songwriting. Everything about this song will be 100% unique, and custom-written for you.

Essential fine print: No videos or supplementary materials are included. Sr. Wooly will retain ownership of the song, and reserves the right to share the song with the public. Also, although we will do our best to make a great song, there are no guarantees that you'll like it.


1st Place Prize

WINNER: Kristi Rohrer

If you win, Sr. Wooly will spend an entire day video chatting with your classes. We'll find a date in the Spring that works for everyone. All day, Sr. Wooly will field questions from your students (in English, Spanish, or both).

Sr. Wooly Skype Session!

He promises to not to wear pajamas.

2nd Place Prize
Classroom Management!

WINNER: Amber Ray

Let's face it. By spring, your students know most of your tricks. They've gotten a little too comfortable and, frankly, so have you.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had someone who could take over classroom management for you?

Sr. Wooly Skype Session!

If you win this prize, Sr. Wooly will record 5 pieces of disciplinary audio in which he forcefully instructs your students to fall in line (in Spanish, of course). You can either (A) tell him what to record, or (B) he can come up with it for you.

All you'll have to do is click play, and you'll have that dream classroom once again.


3rd Place Prizes
Props! Props! Props!
Alternate Title: My Wife Told Me To Clean Out the Garage


The Backpack from Ya Está Muerto

WINNER: Kamala Marsh

Yes, this is the actual backpack that was featured in Ya Está Muerto. You will have the bragging rights of owning the iconic prop from one of my most famous music videos. NOTE: Backpack Does Not Come With Tubes Or Dr. Krashen.


Sr. Wooly Skype Session!

Dr. Krashen's Heart

WINNER: Blair Brown

This was the actual heart that was removed from Dr. Krashen in Ya Está Muerto. Whether you use it as a prop in your class, keep it in a glass jar filled with formaldehyde, or just occasionally throw it at your students, it's sure to be a notable addition to your class.

Sr. Wooly Skype Session!

The Organ Transplant Cooler from Ya Está Muerto

WINNER: Amanda Sheldon

This cooler is the actual prop used in the video. And it could also become the perfect place for students to put their homework. Or their hearts.

Sr. Wooly Skype Session!


WINNER: Matt McGrath

Seen a few times in Los Quehaceres, this is a custom made sign that will be very striking on any Spanish teacher's classroom wall. It's quite large, made out of sturdy foam board. It'll also be catnip for snarky teachers looking for a fun way to respond to student questions.

Sr. Wooly Skype Session!

Dictionaries from No Lo Tengo

WINNER: Tammy Williamson

WINNER: Tiffanee Peterson

Sr. Wooly Skype Session!

Calculators from No Lo Tengo

WINNER: Annabelle Allen

WINNER: Nicole Kociela

Sr. Wooly Skype Session!

Recorders from No Lo Tengo

WINNER: Amanda Kerry


Sr. Wooly Skype Session!

Book Covers from Sé Chévere

WINNER: Jason Pepples

WINNER: Christina Sepe

WINNER: Sibley Kelly

3 people can win Profe's actual book cover that were created for Sé Chévere. Plus, these book covers are signed by Profe himself, winner of the prestigious "Maestro del Siglo" award.

Sr. Wooly Skype Session!

Día de los Muertos Project from Sé Chévere

WINNER: Caitlin Foley

1 person can win the Día de los Muertos project from Sé Chévere that was so ruthlessly cut down by Profe (winner of the prestigious "Maestro del Siglo" award).

Sr. Wooly Skype Session!

Rap Sheet from El Banco

WINNER: Bobbi Robledo

Over the years, El Banco has slowly turned into one of my most popular videos, and one winner will get to go home with this iconic prop, the actual rap sheet that we used in the video.

Sr. Wooly Skype Session!

Open/Closed Sign from Es Una Ganga

WINNER: Shelly Burge

The actual open/closed sign that was heavily featured in one of my most popular videos, Es Una Ganga.

Sr. Wooly Skype Session!

4th Place Prizes
Autographed Goods!

Last but not least, I will be giving out a handful of autographed goods, signed by none other than me! Because when you decide to celebrate an entire week devoted to yourself, why not go all in?

  • Autographed copy of Billy graphic novel

WINNER: Julie Thompson
WINNER: Heather Cochran
WINNER: Leslie Kronemeyer
WINNER: Christine Mills
WINNER: Marci Jeandron
WINNER: Joe Pennington
WINNER: Linda Lipowski
WINNER: Caleb Dalman

  • Autographed Guapo poster

WINNER: Christopher Jeffords
WINNER: William Perkiss
WINNER: Stacey Custer
WINNER: Kristin Odegaard
WINNER: Lynn Johnston
WINNER: Andrea Schweitzer
WINNER: Anne Messerli
WINNER: Megan Neal

  • Autographed Billy y las Botas poster

WINNER: Becky Davis
WINNER: Karen Quant
WINNER: Emily Peters
WINNER: Richard Detwiler
WINNER: Diane Portillo
WINNER: Michelle Nicola
WINNER: Kimberly Sipes
WINNER: Sean Kembell

  • Autographed ¿Puedo ir al baño? poster

WINNER: Nadia Carmona
WINNER: Adam Foley
WINNER: Anne Marie Mitchell
WINNER: Michele Dutton
WINNER: Rebecca Landor
WINNER: Kelly Garcia
WINNER: Jenell Hughes
WINNER: Stephanne Marsh