Two new features: Future Assignments and Universal Captions

Oct 22, 2022


The Wooly Digest Illustration
October 21, 2022
Dear Friends,
Our brand new Wooly website has over 30 new features that are designed to make using Wooly easier and breezier.
La lucha de la limonada lesson plans cover image
Today I'd like to tell you about just two of these new features.
Feature #1:
Future Assignments and Stories
Teachers have been requesting it for years: you can now set assignments to publish in the future!
But hold up, this feature is even more powerful than that! You can actually link future assignments with the unlock of music videos or graphic novels.
In other words, if you know you'll be absent on Friday, you can set the video Qué asco to unlock for your students on Friday morning alongside an assignment for that story.
In the above screenshot, Billy y Las Botas is locked for Period 2 and 4, unlocked for Period 8, and will automatically unlock at a future date for Period 1.
Feature #2:
Captions on ALL videos
For years, we've handled subtitles in the worst way imaginable. We literally burned the subtitles directly into the videos themselves. This meant that for every music video, there were 4 different videos to handle the subtitles (one for English, Spanish, Both, and none). 
No longer! We have joined the modern world and added real captions to our videos!
But we've gone much, much further than that. We also added captions to pretty much all of our videos. This way, you can turn on Spanish captions while watching our hundreds of extra videos like Ojo Sabio or Find the Ganga Girls!
Wait, here's one last mini feature! To give you even more power, you can change the size of the captions to meet your presentation needs. 
Bug Reports
Although we have already fixed the major bugs that arose during beta testing, some of you will inevitably find problems and annoyances.
We want to hear this feedback! If you'd like to report an issue with the new site, please submit your feedback here.
NOTE: This feedback link is not intended to handle customer service. If you need assistance, reach out to us at [email protected].