Wooly Week is back!

Jan 02, 2023


The Wooly Digest Illustration
January 2, 2023
Dear Friends,
It's 2023, and what better way to celebrate the new year than to announce something truly exciting:
We have decided to do Wooly Week!
That's right! This will be our 5th Wooly Week, and we are pulling out all the stops to make it an incredible celebration of storytelling and community-building.
Some of the most exciting stories we've ever created are approaching the finish line, and we've decided to have a big ol' party to celebrate their release.  
Want to learn when Wooly Week is? Don't have any idea what Wooly Week is? Want me to stop asking rhetorical questions? Please read below for more details:
What is Wooly Week?
It's a week when we celebrate lots of new Wooly stories, joyous community-building activities, impeccable lesson plans that will be some of the best PD of your career, and a raffle with some unbelievable prizes.
When is Wooly Week?
We'll start the festivities with a teacher-only launch event during the week of February 20th. Then you can do Wooly Week activities with your students any time between late February and mid-April. 
The commitment is whatever you want it to be. Some teachers will simply watch the new videos with their students while others will do a deep dive into the 3+ weeks of high-quality lesson plans that will be at your disposal. The more you do, the more raffle tickets you'll earn!
El antídoto del dragón
One of the biggest Wooly Week releases with be our 12-minute rock opera, 2 years in the making, called El antídoto del dragón. Watch the trailer here:
El antídoto del dragón trailer
El antídoto del dragón is unlike anything we've ever released, and we promise that it'll have your students screaming and singing in delight.
La ciudad de la dentista
After a 5 year wait, we will finally be releasing the sequel to our best-selling graphic novel, La casa de la dentista. Here's the cover:
El antídoto del dragón trailer
It's finally time to learn how Mía and Carolina have been faring in Chicago since they fled the island. Plus, what the heck is going on with Tía Isidora?
All will be revealed during Wooly Week.
How to prepare
You don't have to do anything to prepare, but if you want to use the new dentist sequel with your students, they should be familiar with the first graphic novel in the series.
Oh, did I mention we'll also be releasing a sequel to Es una ganga and Amnesia? Well, we are!
So, it might be a good idea if students have at least a cursory familiarity with those two music videos as well. 
More soon!
We are so excited to return to Wooly Week. There's so much to share with you, and I promise that there's something in here for everyone. 
Still confused? We promise that, as we get a little closer, all will be revealed.
Keep an eye out for more details!