How to Teach with a Graphic Novel

Sep 12, 2016

Many people have told me that, although they're incredibly excited about the new Billy y las Botas graphic novel, they aren't necessarily sure how to teach with one.  And I totally get that.  It's a new medium, one in which the majority of the story is told through visuals, not dialogue.  It's for this reason that I spent the last month creating an 18-part video tutorial series on how to teach with a comic book!  

That's right, 18 videos, each one short enough to digest in only a few minutes.

Part 1: Introduction!
Part 2: Understanding the Comic!
Part 3: Hide This Book!
Part 4: How I Learned to Let Go of Dialogue and Love the Visual!
Part 5: Pre-Teaching with Carrie Toth!
Part 6: More Pre-Teaching with Carrie Toth!
Part 7: Reader's Theater!
Part 8: Review! Retell!
Part 9: Just Read!
Part 10: Total Physical Response!
Part 11: Matamoscas!
Part 12: Volleyball!
Part 13: Drag and Drop!
Part 14: Circle the Wagons!
Part 15: Fishbowl!
Part 16: Pechakucha!
Part 17: Dialogue Alley!
Part 18: Conclusion!