Billy y las Botas: The Graphic Novel

Aug 30, 2016

You may have seen the music video, Billy y Las Botas, but you don't know the entire story!  

For the past 5 months, Juan Carlos Pinilla and I have been creating a 52-page, full color graphic novel that tells the story of how Billy the Scarf meets and falls in love with The Boots.  Adapted from my popular music video of the same name, this comic is not just a faithful retelling.  Rather, it features new insights into beloved characters, hilarious new dialogue, and exciting action sequences.  Plus, readers will finally learn the restored original ending that was cut from the video.

Image from BIlly y las Botas Graphic Novel

I couldn't be more excited to share this comic book with you.  In fact, please download and read this 12 page preview.  Yes, I could spend hours talking up the book, but nothing will convince you of the book's value more than just reading a few pages.  

Another image from the Billy y las Botas Graphic Novel

I've been fielding a lot of questions about this graphic novel lately, so here are some answers to the most common questions:

How do I teach with a graphic novel?

Numerous teachers have asked me this question.  Although they think the comic is awesome, they're not exactly the best way to use it in the classroom.  Well, fear not, I've got you covered.  Next week, I will release a 15-part video series on how to teach with a comic book.  I'm not kidding! 18 different videos, each teaching a different activity on how to use a comic book in the classroom.  

Watch these video tutorials!


What level of Spanish is this book written for?

All of them.  

You just rolled your eyes, didn't you?  I know, it sounds ridiculous.  But I'm not joking.  This comic book is good for all levels.  Why?  Because, as you'll see in the 15-part video training series, I'm going to teach you how to talk about the visuals with your students.  And when talking about visuals, you can use as simple or as complex language as you want.  

Another image from the comic book


How much do the graphic novels cost?

This book is sold in class sets.  

Set of 10 Graphic Novels 
$65 ($6.50 each)

Set of 20 Graphic Novels
$110 ($5.50 each; Savings of $20)

Set of 30 Graphic Novels
Plus, a free download of the teacher's guide (normally $40)
$150 ($5.00 each; Savings of $45)

The "Gimme Everything" Combo
Set of 30 Graphic Novels
1-Year PRO Subscription to
Free download of teacher's guide
$200 (Savings of $70)


And yes, we accept purchase orders!



Who illustrated the book?

Juan Carlos Pinillia, an amazing illustrator from Colombia, illustrated and colored this book.  He is an extraordinary talent, and I'm fortunate to get to work with him.  

Illustration from the comic book

 How durable is the book?

It's very durable.  It's a well-bound book, published as a trade paperback with a thick cover.  

Does the book include a glossary?

Yes, it includes a 4-page Spanish-to-English glossary at the back. Even better, it's a direct translations glossary, which means that if they look up the word "tiene", they'll find "tiene".  They won't have to know to look up "tener".  

Is the book appropriate for all ages?

The story is definitely appropriate for all ages.  While the story and visuals will appeal to everyone, there is also a snarky humor that will really appeal to older students.  In a nutshell, if your students like Billy y las Botas and its sequel, they'll love this book too.

Will you integrate the comic book with the PRO subscription?

Although the comic is not included as part of the PRO subscription. we are developing a feature in which any teacher who buys a class set of comics will then receive a free unlock code to use brand new nuggets related to the comic book.  NOTE: This feature is still being developed, and will likely launch a month after the comic books arrive.  If you buy the comic now, you'll receive this feature when it becomes available.