How to prepare for Wooly Week 2023

Jan 27, 2023


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January 27, 2023
Dear Friends,
Are you ready for Wooly Week 2023?
In today's newsletter, I'll walk you through the 5 things you need to know to prepare!
#1 - Teacher Launch
We will host a teacher-only launch event during the week of February 20th. This way, you have an opportunity to preview all of the stories, the lesson plans, and the fun extras to see if it's something that you'll want to participate in.
#2 - Committment
Worried about the time commitment? Fear not. You can do as little or as much as you want. There is no right way to Wooly Week.
The time commitment can be as little as showing a single video in class or embracing weeks of engaging lesson plans that we provide.
#3 - Time Period
After the teacher launch week, you'll have 2 full months to complete any activities that you want to do with your students.
Again, there's no right way to do this. Some teachers will choose to compress all of the activities into a week, while others will spread it out over the full two months. 
#4 - The Raffle
The more activities you do, the more raffle tickets you'll earn! And, boy oh boy, do we have some good prizes this year. I'll send out a separate email about this soon.
#5 - Prior Knowledge
We're releasing a few amazing stories during Wooly Week, and some of them require prior knowledge.
El antídoto del dragón is a brand new story that requires zero knowledge of other Wooly stories. It's a 13-minure rock opera that has been in development for 2 years. Watch the trailer!
El antídoto del dragón trailer
We're also releasing Queremos eso, the long-awaited sequel to Es una ganga and Amnesia. Your students should have advance familiarity with these two stories if you want to maximize their learning and enjoyment.
El antídoto del dragón trailer
Last but not least, we're finally releasing La ciudad de La Dentista, the graphic novel sequel to our best-selling La casa de La Dentista. It's time to learn what happens to Carolina, Mía, and Tía Isidora after they flee the island to Chicago. 
El antídoto del dragón trailer
Therefore, if you intend to use this sequel during Wooly Week (and you should!) your students should be familiar with La casa de La Dentista.
But if all of these prerequisitites have you worried, remember that Wooly Week is about choice! It is perfectly acceptable to just do lessons with El antídoto del dragón (or the other non-story specific activities that we'll also be releasing).
More soon!
We are so excited to return to Wooly Week. There's so much to share with you, and I promise that there's something in here for everyone. 
Still not sure what to make of Wooly Week? We promise that, as we get a little closer, all will be revealed.
Keep an eye out for more details!
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