The Puedo ir al baño prequel is back in stock

Jan 19, 2022


A few months ago, we released our new graphic novel, La lucha de la limonada. It's a genuinely fun and hilarious prequel to ¿Puedo ir al baño?
But, much to our surprise, we sold out in 48 hours!
Good news, though! After extensive production and shipping delays, we finally have the books back in stock! 
Part 1:
A graphic novel prequel to ¿Puedo ir al baño?
When Justin sang ¿Puedo ir al baño? to his teacher, most people assumed it was simply a relatable tale of a student desperately needing to use the bathroom.
However, as is often the case in the world of Wooly, there was far more happening under the surface than anyone realized.
It's finally time to learn the shocking answer to the question that, for over 10 years, no one even considered asking: Why did Justin need to go to the bathroom?
La lucha de la limonada
La lucha de la limonada is the most accessible graphic novel we have ever published. 
At 20 pages, it's incredibly short. In fact, you could easily cover this entire book in 1 to 3 days.
It will appeal to all ages, even elementary. We've piloted this story with elementary, middle, and high school students, and everyone found the story to be engaging, easy-to-read, and laugh-out-loud funny (literally).
It's inexpensive. In fact, it's the most inexpensive graphic novel we've ever released.
The language is appropriate for all levels of Spanish. All of them. And if you're doubting that a single book's text could be appropriate for all levels, please keep reading.
Part 2:
Appropriate for all levels of Spanish?!
We decided to print La lucha de la limonada at 4 levels:
Level 1: Novice Low
La lucha de la limonada Novice Low
For students in Spanish 1
There is probably no easier reader out there for Spanish students than this book.
Between the incredibly simple language, the context provided by the gorgeous imagery, and the per-page glossary, all students who want to understand this book will understand it.
*With subscription discount
Level 2: Novice Mid
La lucha de la limonada Novice Mid
For students in Spanish 2
Still a very easy read, but sentences are a little longer and structures are a little more complex.
Students who successfully read the Novice Low version will find this an accessible step up in difficulty.
*With subscription discount
Level 3: Novice High
La lucha de la limonada Novice High
For students in Spanish 3
While still simple in all the right spots, the language flows a little more naturally, allowing the snarky humor to shine.
*With subscription discount
Level 4: Intermediate Low
La lucha de la limonada Intermediate Low
For students in Spanish 4
Calling it an upper level text doesn't mean that we needlessly make it hard! We only use more complex language when doing so allows the language to feel more natural, more textured, and more humorous.
*With subscription discount
Spanish teacher Lynn Heil recently emailed us her opinion on La lucha de la limonada:
I am blown away...again. The content you produce is STELLAR. I bought all four levels because I was excited to see the difference between the levels. The language differences are terrific. The story is AWESOME. I forgot as I was reading that it was a prequel, so the last page (which connects the novel and the song) was a bomb dropping. So funny! I laughed out loud multiple times.

I really don't know how you manage to impress and surprise so consistently. Every. Single. Time. Thank you and the whole team for this IMPRESSIVE novel!
Common Questions
Will this Baño prequel graphic novel be released digitally as part of the Wooly subscription?
Yes, it will!  All 4 versions will be released digitally, and as long as you have an active subscription with Wooly, you'll get access for no additional cost.
La lucha de la limonada will be digitally in 1 month.
At this time, however, this story is only available via these physical books.
Is the story exactly the same at all 4 levels?
Yes, the story is the same. However, we did not simply increase the language difficulty through lexical scaffolding.
Instead, we literally changed dialogue to better fit the needs of different readers and to provide a more textured story as the levels increase.  Check out the difference between a single panel in Level 1 vs Level 4: 
Novice Low example
Intermediate Low example
Do students needs to be familiar with the video ¿Puedo ir al baño? in order to read this book?
Yes, this book is very much written for people who know that video. In fact, I predict that La lucha de la limonada will become an essential companion piece for that video.
Plus, I made a point of including a lot of the video's language in the story. Here's a screenshot of a panel from the Level 1 text:
Es una emergencia
How durable are these books?
The books are staple-bound paperbacks.
However, we have a reputation for making some of the sturdiest, best-looking books around, and we didn't cut back on quality with these books. They may be floppies, but the covers are laminated, the pages are thick, and we promise you'll be impressed by the quality when you hold the book in your hands.
When will this book ship?
It will ship immediately! We are fully stocked with all 4 levels, and we can't wait for students to get them in their hands.
Purchase Orders and Quotes
Yes, we accept purchase orders!
We accept purchase orders
Whether you are looking for class sets, subscriptions for your department, or even just a single book, we are always happy to help with quotes and purchase orders.