New Music Video: Ya Está Muerto

Jan 13, 2016
Ya Está Muerto, my newest music video is finally here! 
It's been an incredibly fun, 3-month project, and I can't wait for you to see it.  
How do I watch the video?
If you're a subscriber to the site, go to this link to watch Ya Está Muerto.
Still from Ya Está Muerto

What's it about?

Ya Está Muerto is a medical drama about two surgeons who fight over how to save a man's life. However, the fun of the video comes from its surprises, so I can't say more than that.

What does it teach?

You'll get wonderful repetitions of structures like "ir + a + infinitive", "dejar de", "ya", and more.  
As always, the goal of this site is to tell compelling stories with incredibly simple, pared-down language, while making it as repetitive as possible.
I think you'll be pleased with how much students pick up from this song. In fact, I predict that a handful of phrases from this song will become new catchphrases in your classroom ("Hay otra posibilidad").
Another still from Ya Está Muerto
Is it appropriate for all ages?
Yes, it is appropriate.  It's not scary, and despite the surgical setting, there is no gore.
Granted, the idea of death is featured in the video, but I don't think it would be more possible to create a more age-appropriate video about death.  It's light, silly, and I don't think even elementary students (or their parents) will find anything objectionable. 
That said, you know your school culture better than I do, so use your best judgement.

Are there any resources to help me use the new video?

If you're a BASIC subscriber, then you have access to the new song and video.
However, if you are a PRO subscriber, you have a ton of resources at your fingertips.
Resource #1
The Online Student Curriculum
We have been working tirelessly to create a truly fantastic online curriculum for Ya Está Muerto.  As with the other stories, you'll have three proficiency levels to choose from (Novice Low, Novice High, and Intermediate Low).  
Even better, in response to user feedback, we increased the size of each nugget.  In fact, the curriculum for this story has 30% more activities than the other stories!!  
Resource #2
The Supplementary Packet
While the online student curriculum is great, sometimes you still need pen and paper resources.  
PRO Subscribers have access to the Ya Está Muerto Supplementary Packet, a 20-page packet containing pre, mid, and post activities.  You'll find activities such as cloze activities, crossword puzzles, and advanced writing exercises.  It's a grab bag of activities, and you're sure to find multiple activities that work with your teaching style and varying student proficiency levels.
Resource #3
Embedded Readings
Last but not least, PRO subscribers can download the embedded readings which retell Ya Está Muerto as a written short story.
Embedded Readings are scaffold activities that allow students to progress from simple to more complex text without overwhelming them. Each reading begins with a base version of the story followed by increasingly detailed versions. Teachers choose the appropriate starting level based on their students' ability.
Even better, this document actually contains two completely differentsets of readings, one for novices and another for advanced learners.