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Mar 08, 2023





March 8, 2023
Dear Friends, 
Things are really cooking now on Wooly Week! Yesterday, we released the two-years-in-the-making El antídoto del dragón
Today, we have something completely different for you.  
In 2017, we published La casa de La Dentista, a scary graphic novel about kids who lived on an island community where all adults were toothless and who constantly told their own children to brush six times a day. If they didn't, the Dentist would get them!
Illustration from the end of Casa de La Dentista
The book was a success beyond our wildest imaginations, selling over 50,000 copies in Spanish and French. To this day, it continues to be one of the most frequently-read books in 2nd language classroom libraries.
We've been getting requests for a sequel for years, and it's finally time to deliver.
Today we launch chapter 1 of La ciudad de La Dentista on our Wooly eReader.
La ciudad de La Dentista story banner
We are so excited for Wooly Week that we've done something we've never done before. We are releasing the digital eReader version of chapter 1 before the print version of the book is even available! 
And chapter 1 is included in your Wooly accounts right now.
No extra fees. No rental periods. No buying books a la carte. With a Wooly subscription, you get access to everything.
The sequel takes place one year after the events of the original and, as you might have guessed, all is not right in the world.
Carolina and Mía have a fundamental disagreement about how to handle their dangerous pasts. Carolina wants to keep a low profile to ensure their continued safety while Mía sees it as their responsibility to tell the world about the island.
Ciudad de la dentista - illustration Carolina and Mía
Meanwhile, although tía Isidora has done her best to be a surrogate mother to these two teenagers, she's having some very strange, inexplicable issues of her own that could threaten the safety of everyone around her.
And who are these mysterious "ancianos" who seem to be lurking around every corner?  
Ciudad de la dentista - illustration of los ancianos
Just like the original, this new sequel "La ciudad de La Dentista" is a mystery first, and a horror novel second. There are a lot of things bubbling under the surface, and students are going to have a field day trying to predict what's going on.
For now, yes. The first chapter ends on a perfect cliffhanger and will leave students salivating to get their hands on chapter 2.  
There is a placeholder on the website that says chapter 2 will come out on August 1, but we'll give you an opportunity to see it sooner than that. More soon.
No, it won't be the last! In fact, I'm already writing the 3rd book in the series, titled "La isla de La Dentista". And when you see how this one ends, you're going be begging to read the third book.
But I assure you that there will not be a 6-year gap like there was between the first and second book. The third book is already cooking.
If students could handle the first book, they can handle this one. The scares are on par with a Goosebumps book.
The Lesson Plans
We want to help you teach the first chapter of La ciudad de La Dentista!
As part of Wooly Week, we have released 5 days of absolutely incredibly lesson plans.
Remember, the more activities you do with your students, the more raffle tickets you'll earn!
La ciudad de La Dentista 5 day lesson plans
The plans are in your accounts and available right now! To find them, navigate to the story page, and go to the resources tab.
We hope you'll go check the lesson plans out! We have written everything for you -- the plans, the rationales, and we've even leveled the resources so you can use each activity with any group of students!
Webinar on Ciudad Lesson Plans
Tonight we are offering another free webinar, conducted by Kaitlin Leppert and Jodi Stokdyk, in which we walk you step-by-step through the 5-day lesson plans.
For some, reading the lesson plans will be enough, but if you'd like some additional support and guidance, tonight's webinar is highly recommended.
DATE: Tonight, March 7
TIME: 8pm EST (7pm CST)
Feeling Lost about Wooly Week?
If you're not quite sure what to make of Wooly Week, please read this Intro to Wooly Week 2023 document.
It will teach you the basics, including what Wooly Week is, how to participate, the amazing prizes that are being offered, and more. 
Intro to Wooly Week document.
If you missed our Intro to Wooly Week live stream, please check it out Youtube or on Woology.
If you missed last night's live on the Antídoto lesson plans, you can view it on Woology or at this Zoom link with this password: 4%%N4Xff
Are you a member of the Facebook group, Woology? It's a fantastic resource for sharing ideas about how to use Wooly.
In addition, Woology will be ground zero for discussing the Wooly Week lesson plans. There will be a lot of people sharing ideas, making modifications, asking questions, and more. 
I'll be there too! Join us!