Me llamo Víctor: The Graphic Novel

Aug 17, 2019

Great news! Starting today, you can finally pre-order my 3rd graphic novel, Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1.

Would you believe I actually started writing Me llamo Víctor over 8 years ago, right after filming the music videos, Guapo and La confesión de Víctor?

It's a prequel about teenage Víctor and how he became the self-centered person we all know. It was a really exciting concept, and yet every time I put pen-to-paper I got intimidated by the story's potential. To be frank, I wasn't sure I was talented enough to pull it off.

The story went through many variations. Eight years ago it was going to be a music video. Six years ago it was going to be a level 1 reader.

But once I finally started writing in earnest last year, the story became so much fun, so thematically-rich, and it went in so many unexpected directions, that I realized it needed to be a full-fledged, 2-volume graphic novel to do it justice. There is a ton of story here, and you'll understand when you read it.

So it is with great excitement that after eight years, Me llamo Víctor Parte 1 is finally up for pre-sale. Reserve your copies today!

New graphic novel:
Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1
Not every kid has to be popular. Not every kid has to be good-looking.  And that's a good thing... because Víctor is neither.  
After years of living beneath an impossibly large shadow, Víctor's life is about to dramatically change. Today is his 15th birthday, and with it will come an unexpected discovery. Some might even call it a gift. But not all gifts should be accepted.
Especially when the gift chooses you.
Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1 - Glossary
Although many readers already know Víctor from Sr. Wooly's Guapo music video trilogy, their familiarity could never prepare them for what they are about to read. This book is the first part in the hilarious, unpredictable, and inevitably heartbreaking story of how Víctor became... guapo.
This is the 3rd graphic novel by Jim Wooldridge and Juan Carlos Pinilla.  
Me llamo Víctor will ship in October,
Do students need to have seen the Guapo music video trilogy before reading this graphic novel?
Ideally, yes. Although the book will make sense without knowledge of the videos, it has been ideally written for readers who know the full story of adult Víctor*.
*As seen in the music videos Guapo, La Confesión de Víctor, and Feo.
What ages is the story appropriate for?  
The themes of the book will appeal most to middle school and high school readers.  
That said, there is nothing in the story that would be inappropriate for elementary.
Is this first part of Me llamo Víctor a standalone book? Or will I need to purchase part 2?  
Although many story threads are left open, Part 1 has a clear resolution that will leave readers satisfied while also have them clamoring for the second and final part.
Long story short, no, you won't need to buy Part 2. But you'll definitely want to. 
Psst! Part 2 will come out in early 2020.
What level is the book written for?  
The text is written for readers at Novice-Mid to Intermediate-Low. Although such a large range might seem odd, graphic novels are quite different from traditional readers.  With 75% of the story being told via illustrations, students have much higher tolerances for unknown vocabulary and structures. This book will easily fit in Spanish 2 and 3, but could also be used in the back-half of Spanish 1 with support.
Is there a glossary?  
Yes, there is a very easy-to-use Spanish-to-English glossary. And based on overwhelmingly positive feedback, we have kept the "per-page" glossary that was so popular from La casa de la dentista.  
See this example:
Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1 - Glossary
Using this "per-page" format is fantastic because:
(A) It allows students to access the language incredibly fast. More time in the story and less time in the glossary is always a good thing.
(B) It allows us to make the glossary more structure-based. As a result, pages with out-of-bounds, advanced language are far more accessible to novice readers since they'll find a simple translation of the entire structure rather than having to piece together multiple unknown words. 
One more thing! We made no assumptions about what students know or don't know.  Every word and structure is included in the glossary. If a student takes the time to look something up in the glossary, they will find it.  
Multiple Copies
There are significant advantages to buying multiple copies.  
Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1 - Glossary
Buy 10+ copies
A significant p/book discount (47% off).  Plus, access to the Me llamo Víctor Part 1 Nuggets (hundreds of online activities).  NOTE: Access to Nuggets also requires a PRO subscription.
Buy 30+ copies
An even better p/book discount (53% off), the Nuggets, plus a free download of the teacher's guide (value $60)
Additional Víctor Products
The teacher's guide is also available for pre-order. This is a digital product, and it will be delivered in October when the book is released.  
Me llamo Víctor, Teacher Guide
If you're interested in a class set of Víctor and a 1-year subscription to Sr. Wooly PRO, this is hands-down the best deal on the entire website.  Check out the Víctor super combo!
Víctor Super Combo
Want to read a 16-page preview?
Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1 is a 120-page graphic novel.
If you want to get a head-start, read the first 16-pages right now!  
Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1 - Preview
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