Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1 Novel


Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1 Novel

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Not every kid has to be popular. Not every kid has to be good-looking. And that’s a good thing… because Víctor is neither.

After years of living beneath an impossibly large shadow, Víctor’s life is about to dramatically change. Today is his 15th birthday, and with it will come an unexpected discovery. Some might even call it a gift. But not all gifts should be accepted. Especially when the gift chooses you.

Although many readers already know Víctor from Señor Wooly’s Guapo music video trilogy, their familiarity could never prepare them for what they are about to read. This book is the first part in the hilarious, unpredictable, and inevitably heartbreaking story of how Víctor became… guapo.

  • 120 pages
  • Features a per-page Spanish-to English glossary.
  • Ideal for Novice-Mid to Intermediate-Mid second-language learners in middle/high school.

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ISBN #978-0-9977635-6-0

Jahdai Jeffries

"Teen angst, parental pressure, bullying, and the forging of one’s own identity. These themes lead us to understand Víctor at a much deeper level, a man who we have begrudgingly come to love."

Spanish teacher (Winston-Salem, NC)

Christy Lade

"This may be my favorite of the 3 graphic novels."

Spanish teacher (Fishers, IN)

Sarah Breckley

“I’ve never felt such a connection to Victor before, and I know many of my students will also identify with his story.”

Spanish teacher (Reedsburg, WI)
2017 Wisconsin Teacher of the Year

Julie Ogden Thompson

Señor Wooly has mastered the art of the graphic novel with Me llamo Víctor! This beautifully illustrated story gives depth to the most shallow character in Wooly World. Your students will be enthralled in the backstory of how Victor became the person we love to hate, and you will have plenty of universal themes to discuss with this endearing story (happy ending not guaranteed).

Spanish teacher (Fort Collins, CO)

Although many story threads are left open at the end of Part 1, it has a very clear resolution that will simultaneously leave readers satisfied while also clamoring for the final chapter.

Ideally, yes. Although the book will make sense whether or not they're familliar with the three music videos, it has been written specifically for students who know the full story of Víctor as an adult.

There are only two parts: Me llamo Víctor parte 1 and parte 2.

The themes of the story will appeal most to middle school and high school readers.

The book takes place during two distinct periods in Víctor's life. At the start of the story, we see Víctor as an older man. To be specific, this takes place 3 days before the events of the music video, Feo. Then the book flashes back to Víctor as a 15-year old high school student.

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