Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1: The Teacher's Guide


Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1: The Teacher's Guide

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This teacher's guide is a digital download of support documents that will aid you in administering activities as seen in the graphic novel tutorial videos.

The download package is broken into the following components:

  • The 256-page circling guide!.  This is an unbelievably comprehensive resource in which we provide you with a series of questions and conversation topics for nearly ever single panel in the entire book.  Yes, you read that right.  Nearly every single illustration! Want to discuss the 5th illustration on page 68?  We'll provide you with a list of recommended questions, structures and and vocabulary to help make it happen.
  • A powerpoint containing all slides from the comic
  • A secondary powerpoint containing all slides from the comic, but with the dialogue removed.

If you purchase a class set of 30 Me llamo Víctor books, you will receive this teacher's guide for free.  

Yes, we accept purchase orders from school districts!

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