Two upcoming Wooly Projects

Dec 03, 2020


Dear Friends,
I have been uncommonly quiet for the last few months, but 2020 hasn't managed to fully sink its teeth into me yet!  My recent disappearance has actually been due to incredibly deep work on 2 exciting projects, both of which will be released in January. 
Today, I'll tell you about Project #1, and then I will give a tiny hint about Project #2. 
Project #1:
Me llamo Víctor, Parte 2
This first project is one that many have been waiting a long time for.
Cover image for Me llamo Víctor, Parte 2
This January, we will finally release the 2nd and final chapter of our best-selling graphic novel, Me llamo Víctor.
Part 2 took a long time to complete. Some of that was due to inevitable COVID delays, but the main reason is that, at 200 pages, it's almost twice as long as Part 1! 
Victor 2
The 2-part story of Me llamo Víctor is the single biggest creative project that Juan Carlos Pinilla and I have ever taken on. Originally conceived as a brief, 75-page satire about the life of young Víctor from the Guapo music videos, it quickly blossomed into something deeper and more meaningful.
As I wrote, something unexpected happened:  I discovered that I actually liked Víctor! 
I was surprised to realize that Víctor was a genuinely talented, interesting, and vulnerable kid! And I wanted to see him succeed, to somehow veer away from the inevitable transformation into that self-absorbed and pathetic character that we know from Guapo.  
A page from Victor, Parte 2
Me llamo Víctor is a comedic but ultimately heartbreaking deconstruction of that character, one that dives deeply into themes of self-image, insecurity, and change.
I'm incredibly proud of what Juan Carlos and I have created with this 2-part story, and I can't wait for you to read it. If you've ever used Guapo, La confesión de Víctor, or Feo in your classes, I think you'll agree it's a perfect companion piece.  
Would you like to sample an 18-page preview of Part 2?  Be warned: There are heavy spoilers for Part 1 contained in these pages.
Project #2:
The Secret Wooly Project
In January, we will release something totally new and unique.  I can state unequivocally that no one has ever created anything quite like it in in the world of educational Spanish. 
The Secret Wooly Project - January 2021
This project is shrouded in secrecy, and I'm not going to give details until its release in mid-January. However, I can tell you one thing:
The secret project is about Spanish digital graphic novels. 
But before you make any assumptions, I assure you that we have quite a few unexpected tricks up our sleeves.  There's a reason why everyone here at Wooly has been obsessing about this project for months.
Is there a pre-order for Víctor Part 2?
No, we are not putting Me llamo Víctor Parte 2 on pre-order. It will be available for purchase in mid-January.
Why no pre-order, you ask? Because we are working on that SECRET PROJECT! Quite simply, we want you to have all the information before you make any purchase decisions.
Can you put Víctor Part 1 on sale?
Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1
That's a great idea! 
After all, we want you to read it before Part 2 comes out.  
Through December 11, you can buy single copies of Me llamo Víctor, Parte 1, for 35% off.
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