Day 4 of Wooly Week - Pista Picante

Feb 08, 2019

IT'S DAY FOUR OF WOOLY WEEK!! And we are not slowing down in the slightest. In fact, today might be the biggest day so far.

Today brings you Pista picante. Think you can handle the heat? Read on for the details. And a special blast from the past.

Whether you're planning on just using the new releases of the week, or if you plan on following the detailed, daily lesson plans, we promise that Wooly Week will be a celebration to remember.






Thursday's Big Release:
Pista picante
Pista picante is a student scavenger hunt throughout the Sr. Wooly website. It isn't easy, and students WILL be challenged.  But for those who persevere, there is a fun surprise at the end.
To activate this challenge, teachers need to:
1. Activate Una canción original for the class.
2. Activate ONE of the Wooly Week lesson plans (Welcome, Wildcard, or Warhorse) for the class.
3. Have students visit the lesson plan story, and go to the Nuggets for that story. 
Screenshot of Wooly Warhorse nugget page
This will lead them on a 10-question scavenger hunt around the site.  They need to search the site for the answer, and then return to these Nuggets to answer. When a student completes all 10 steps, it unlocks a prize for them.  And as a bonus, when one of your students unlocks the prize, it is also unlocked for you!

And fear not: If this scavenger hunt ends up being too challenging, there is a Pista Picante HINT GUIDE and ANSWER KEY in the teacher account extras under Wooly Welcome, Wildcard, and Warhorse.
Thursday's Other Big Release:
Back to to the Future!
Would you believe we've released 27 full-fledged Sr. Wooly music videos?  And yet none of them have ever hit the Spanish-classroom cultural zeitgeist quite like a tiny little music video we made almost 10 years ago: ¿Puedo ir al baño? 
Screenshot of Wooly  playing guitar
Join us as we take a look back at this video. Head over to the video on the site, scroll down to "Other videos" and watch "Back to the Future!"
The Lesson Plans
If you've been reading the newsletters, you know that we have released comprehensive lesson plans for up to 2 weeks!  However, some of that information is [REDACTED] in order to preserve some of the week's surprises.  
Good news!  The Monday through Thursday lesson plans have been UNREDACTED.  Please re-read the Thursday lesson plans to get all the details on how to implement today's Pista picante and the details of the special treat of Back to the future.