The new teacher website is here!

Oct 19, 2022





The Wooly Digest Illustration
October 19, 2022
Dear Friends,
Today we proudly launch the brand new version 3 teacher website!
We started this project in November of 2021, and we are so excited to finally put it in your hands.
La lucha de la limonada lesson plans cover image
Now, I could happily talk your ear off about how great the new site is, how much faster it will be to get things done, the new features and workflow improvements, etc. 
But why listen to me when you can literally go to the website right now and see for yourself?
So, what should you know right now? Here are a few things:
#1) Webinar with Jim Wooldridge
Join me, Jim Wooldridge, for a 45-minute live webinar in which I'll share 30 brand new features in the v3 Wooly website. I sincerely think you'll be impressed with just how much we've created over the last 11 months.
Tonight, October 19, 7:30pm CDT - Register
Sunday, October 23, 7:30pm CDT - Register
Anyone is welcome to attend! Experienced Wooly users! New subscribers! Subscriber curious! No matter your experience, this webinar will function as a nice walkthrough of what the site offers. NOTE: These are repeat webinars.
Can't make it? Please watch your email early next week for other opportunities.
#2) This is only the beginning
Our ability to dream big has always outpaced our ability to build those big ideas, particularly when it came to the website.
Although the old site was functional and secure, it was also constructed in such a way that even small changes were ridiculously time-intensive. 
That's why, 11 months ago, we decided to rebuild everything from scratch. 
When you look at the new v3 teacher site, you'll notice the new features and quality-of-life improvements. But the most ground-breaking changes have occurred under the hood. 
So what does that mean for you? 
It means that, in the coming year, we'll finally be implementing the dream features that we've been geeking out about for years.
We have a long, long list of exciting ideas, and we're finally in the position to be able to deliver them to you quickly. This is going to be an exciting time to be a Wooly subscriber.
#3) Student accounts are next
We are not stopping with the teacher accounts!
We've already begun work on redesigning the student accounts. Similar to the teacher side, everything will overhauled, especially the nugget activities themselves. 
Research shows that each newsletter section should have a picture, so here's a picture of the upcoming student dashboard that we have already started building:
Mind you, these updated student accounts will not be ready for many months. Just know that we are working really hard to make them a reality.
#4) Bug Reports
Although we have already fixed the major bugs that arose during beta testing, some of you will inevitably find problems and annoyances.
We want to hear this feedback! If you'd like to report an issue with the new site, please submit your feedback here.
NOTE: This feedback link is not intended to handle customer service. If you need assistance, reach out to us at [email protected].
We have an amazing year planned
I can't remember the last time we've had so many exciting projects being developed at the same time.
Between the website overhaul, upcoming stories like El antídoto del dragón, ¡Queremos eso!, and La casa de La Dentista 2 — not to mention a few unannounced surprises — this school year will be an unforgettable time to be a subscriber.