Lucha de la limonada lesson plans

Apr 22, 2022





Let Wooly plan your classes!
Dear Friends,
Have you been hesitating to use a Wooly graphic novel?
Maybe you're not sure what to do with them? Or, I don't know, maybe you've got 1 or 2 things going on in your life that don't revolve around Wooly? 
La lucha de la limonada lesson plans cover image
Well, I have 3 pieces of good news:
1) Our newly released graphic novel, La lucha de la limonada, is so short and accessible that it makes the perfect first story for trying out graphic novels in class.
2) La lucha de la limonada is a prequel to ¿Puedo ir al baño?, and since there's a 99% chance that your students have seen that video thousands of times, it means that buy-in will likely be high.
3) To make your lives even easier, today we are releasing lesson plans for La lucha de la limonada.
Got a second? Let me tell you all about the lesson plans.
La lucha de la limonada
Lesson Plans
Since La lucha de la limonada is our shortest, most accessible graphic novel, Carrie Toth and I decided to make lessons that would match the novel's brevity and accessibility.
These plans take only 1 or 2 days to implement, require very little prep, and anyone can use them.
La lucha de la limonada lesson plans cover image
Who are the lesson plans written for?
They're appropriate for any age group from elementary through high school. They can also be used in Spanish 1 through AP.  
How is such an expansive level of differentiation possible, you ask? Two reasons:
Illustration of a teacher hiding the graphic novel
1) The text of the graphic novel is written at 4 different proficiency levels.
2)  The scripts for all lesson plans activities are also written at 4 different proficiency levels. 
Therefore, even if you have 5 preps, you can use these lesson plans in all of your classes. 
How long will the lesson plans take?
If you do all of the suggested activities, it should take you roughly two class periods of 40-50 minutes.
But there's no reason you can't customize these plans! 
If you prefer a single day plan, it's incredibly easy to cut some of these activities. In addition, we've added some optional activity extensions if you want to add in a third day.  
Where can you find the lesson plans?
Log into your subscriber account, and you'll find them on the Resources tab of La lucha de la limonada.
Location of La lucha de la limonada lesson plans
The downloaded lesson plans contains all instructions and essential resources.
How much teacher prep do these plans require?
Minimal prep! We've already created all of the required resources for you. Everything is already done!
Plus, we made sure to keep printing requirements to a minimum.
I recommend that you grab a cup of coffee and carve out 30 minutes to read through the plans.
I think you'll agree that it's worth your time!
Illustration of students watching Puedo ir al baño.