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Mar 06, 2023


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March 6, 2023
Let's do this. No more preamble, no more mystery, no more hype.
Wooly Week begins today.
If you are curious about Wooly Week in any way, then here are today's 2 tasks:
This document will teach you the basics, including what Wooly Week is, how to participate, the amazing prizes that are being offered, and more. 
Intro to Wooly Week document.
Attend tonight's Wooly Week Launch Event, where we will feature the world-premiere of two new Wooly music videos and a new graphic novel. 
Hosted by me, Jim Wooldridge, this webinar is the place to be if you want to be the first in the world to see new stories like "El antídoto del dragón" and "Queremos eso".
PLATFORM: Zoom Webinar
SIGN UP: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_qUzLtdFOT6-fmnxGg4-2iw
If you can't get into the Zoom Webinar for the launch event, we will also be live streaming it on Woology and on YouTube.
The launch event is for:
  • Subscribers
  • Non-subscribers
  • People who participated in previous Wooly Weeks
  • First-time Wooly Week participants
  • People who don't understand what Wooly Week is
  • Retired teachers who no longer have Wooly accounts
The launch event is not for:
  • Students (since we don't want the surprises spoiled for them)
What if you can't attend the Launch Event?
Although we hope you attend the fun launch event, we also promise that we won't leave you behind if you can't be there.
Tomorrow morning, March 7th, we will share a video of the event. 
Long story short, even if you can't attend, you can still participate in Wooly Week 2023!
Are you a member of the Facebook group, Woology? It's a fantastic resource for sharing ideas about how to use Wooly.
In addition, Woology will be ground zero for discussing the Wooly Week lesson plans. There will be a lot of people sharing ideas, making modifications, asking questions, and more. 
I'll be there too! Join us!
More soon!
We are so excited to return to Wooly Week. There's so much to share with you, and I promise that there's something in here for everyone. 
Still not sure what to make of Wooly Week? We promise that, as we get a little closer, all will be revealed.
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