Wooly Wrap-Up: Essential info

Feb 11, 2019

As Wooly Week draws to a close, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks and also applause to all of you. Whether you stuck it out for the whole week, or whether you just dipped your toes in one or two of the activities, I thank you all for taking some risks this week and for trying something new. We've done Wooly Week before, but we've never done Wooly Week like this. I hope that you had a good experience.

I am also in awe of all the amazing teachers who spent so much of their time to help others on the Facebook group Woology, share their own ideas, and more. The teaching profession truly is something to behold, and I saw so much greatness this week.

And, of course, if you're doing Warhorse, or if you're stretching out the Wildcard and Welcome into next week, let's keep this conversation going!! Read on for a few final (but very important) announcements.






Submitting your Entries

The raffle entry forms are live. To enter your submissions, go to Welcome, Warhorse, or Wildcard, click on EXTRAS, and you'll find the link. Its submission is via a Google Form. You can don't have to do it all at once, so don't feel overwhelmed by the size (especially you Warhorsers)

But HOLD UP! You might not want to submit it yet! Why, you ask?

Raffle Deadline Extended!

Due to all of the weather issues in the Midwest, plus the tech issues we had with the site Thursday, we are extending the raffle deadline until Wednesday, February 20th at 11pm CST. In other words, no matter which of the 3 lesson plan tiers you chose, you have a few extra days to squeeze in some extra activities (which, of course, means more raffle tickets).

What Now?
Wooly Warhorse Banner

Wooly Week might be over, but Wooly Warhorse ISN'T!!!! While we won't be releasing new content next week, the lesson plans are completely unredacted and ready to go. Almost all of the resources required for next week are live on the site, and the few remaining resources will be live no later than today. And I'll be honest -- some of my favorite stuff is in the 2nd week of Warhorse. I can't wait for you guys to try it out. Even if you're not doing Warhorse, you may want to check out some of the activities to keep the fun of Una canción original alive...or use them with another song from the site!