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May 13, 2022


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May 13, 2022
Dear Friends,
It's time to talk about something a little different today. 
All this week, I've been talking about new content that we'll be releasing next year including a rock opera, a Ganga sequel, and the new graphic novel, La casa de La Dentista 2.
La lucha de la limonada lesson plans cover image
Today's update is not about new content, but rather about the Wooly website itself. 
So, what is today's big announcement?
The Wooly Website Version 3
Four years ago, we launched Version 2 of the Wooly website.  It was a massive upgrade that introduced Wooly coins, avatars, and a total overhaul to the teacher and student experience.  
This coming school year, we are launching Version 3.
Unlike version 2, this is not a total rewrite of our site. If you're already familiar with Wooly, the upcoming changes will require no time at all to get situated.
Rather, version 3 is a refinement of what we already have, coupled with a bunch of long-requested features.
I'm not going to list every new feature, but here is a sample of a few fun ones:
New Feature: 
Student Choice Assignments
This fall, teachers will be able to create Student Choice assignments
Animated gif of Student Choice Assignments
With this upcoming feature, you'll be able to assign a required number of Wooly coins, and students will then earn those coins across any unlocked story that they want.
We believe that student choice is the key to enjoyable language learning, and now we'll finally provide a major new tool to embrace that freedom.
New Feature: 
Scheduled Assignments
Teachers will finally be able to schedule assignments to be published to student accounts at a future date.  
Animated gif of Student Choice Assignments
Even better, story unlocks can be tied to assignment publication. Therefore, if you know that you are going to be absent, you'll be able to schedule Diego y sus amigos to unlock at a future date along with an associated assignment.
New Feature: 
Improved Student Progress Details
One of the longest-running complaints about Wooly is that it's challenging to see what students are doing on the platform unless you're looking at how they performed on specific assignments.
That all changes with version 3!
Animated gif of Student Choice Assignments
In the above gif, the purple bars show specific progress that the student accomplished within a specified time period.
New Feature: 
Less Clicking! Less Clicking!
We know it takes way too many clicks to get things done on Wooly. Over the last year, we've been focusing on how to improve simple workflows so that you can get work done fast.
Here's a simple example of a teacher easily switching from student to student without leaving the page:
Animated gif of Student Choice Assignments
And more! 
This is just the tip of the iceberg
We are rebuilding literally every single page on the website with a focus on new features, better design, ease-of-navigation, reliability, and speed.  
And I haven't even mentioned the significant changes that will be coming to the student site! But I'll reserve that for a future email.
2022-23 will be the biggest Wooly year ever!
With the new music videos, El antídoto del dragón and ¡Queremos eso!, plus the graphic novel, La casa de La Dentista 2 , and now the total overhaul of the website, next year is going to be an unbelievable time to be a subscriber.
Oh, but we're not done yet. Check back next week for even more exciting updates, not to mention a really big end-of-year sale.
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