Just when you thought it was safe to brush your teeth again.

May 12, 2022


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Just when you thought it was safe to brush your teeth again...
Dear Friends,
If you've been following our newsletters this week, you know about our upcoming rock opera as well as our long-awaited sequel to Es una ganga.
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But it wasn't hyperbole when I said that we were preparing one of the biggest Wooly experiences ever in the 2022-23 school year. 
Each day this week, I am sharing news about upcoming Wooly releases.
What is today's big announcement?
Next year, we will finally release the long-awaited sequel to our best-selling 2017 graphic novel, La casa de La Dentista.
For years, we've been receiving countless requests for Juan Carlos Pinilla and me to create this graphic novel sequel. In particular, students have been demanding to know the meaning of this final page:
Well, you're finally going to learn the secret that we've had up our sleeves for years.
And it's a doozy.
Will the sequel be released in print and digital?
Yes, the book will be published in both print and digital. 
Will the digital version of the story be included with the subscription?
Absolutely! As long as you're a subscriber, you won't have to pay an extra cent to gain access to this excellent sequel. Plus, the digital version will include:
  • The dialogue written at 4 different levels
  • Audio recordings of all dialogue
  • Hundreds of leveled comprehension activities
Wait, wasn't this sequel supposed to be titled La isla de la dentista?
Yeah, but I changed my mind. I mean, it's been like 5 years! 
Is this the final book in the series?
It's not! Part 3 is being written concurrently and will be released in the 2023-24 school year. 
Will the book be published in French?
Just like the original, we also plan to print this book in French.  
We'll update you with a specific publication date as soon as we have it.
Want more info about the first book in French?
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2022-23 will be the biggest Wooly year ever!
El antídoto del dragón and ¡Queremos eso! and La casa de La Dentista 2 are just three of the major projects we'll be releasing next year. 
Tomorrow, I'll send a fourth newsletter with a sneak peak of yet another new major release.
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