I hope you're sitting down: Wooly next year

May 22, 2019

Holy moly, what a year! We just finished up Sr. Wooly's 9th school year, and we could not be more pleased! Here are a just a few things that we accomplished this past year:

--The TOTAL overhaul of the student accounts with thousands of new online activities. Did you know students have earned over 2.5 BILLION Wooly coins in just 9 months?!

--The epic Billy y las botas 3 in which we finally revealed whether Billy and the boots were reunited! Oh, and Gorro. Poor Gorro. You'll see him again, we promise...

--Wooly Week 2019, two weeks of unbelievable CI professional development!

--Jennifer Bilby is now the most famous Spanish teacher in the world!!

--Flores. Muchas flores. Flores por todos lados.

But, even though we couldn't be more pleased with what we accomplished this year, we can't rest on our laurels. And that's because next year will be the official 10th anniversary of Sr. Wooly!

And, boy oh boy, it's gonna be good.

Look, we are not going to be shy about it. We want you to subscribe to Sr. Wooly. Quite simply, no one else is putting out content that is as consistently engaging as us, and as consistently affordable as us.

Still not convinced?

Let me tell you a few things we're doing in 2019-20:

New graphic novel:
Me llamo Víctor
We are releasing a new graphic novel in Fall 2019.  It's called Me llamo Víctor, and as a few of you discerning readers might have guessed, it's about Víctor.  
But no, this isn't some rehash of the stories you've already seen in the 3 Víctor music videos.
Rather, it's the story of Víctor as a teenager and how he became the self-centered person that we know.
Victor as a teenager
Me llamo Víctor is one of the most surprising stories we have ever released.  This is the Víctor story that none of you knew you needed. None of you will be able to predict this one.   
At 200-pages, it's nearly twice as long as my last graphic novel, La casa de la dentista, and it needs every single one of those pages to tell the story. 
Love Víctor or hate him, you'll never see him the same way after this new story.
Me llamo Víctor will be released Fall 2019.  
This graphic novel is not yet for sale.
Total Overhaul of Teacher Site
9 months ago, we launched the new Wooly student accounts.  It was the single biggest undertaking in Wooly history. A total redesign of the student accounts, thousands of new online exercises, avatars, badges, and more.  
Now it's the teachers' turn!
We are currently undergoing a comprehensive renovation of the teacher side of the website.  
Redesign of Teacher site
Here are a few things that you can expect to see in the redesign:
  • Detailed view of student progress.  I'll be the first to admit that the current teachers' view of student progress is dreadful.  That all changes this fall.  Whether you want a detailed view of student activity or just a quick snapshot, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips to properly assess your students' work.
  • TOTAL OVERHAUL of the student login process.  While it's bittersweet, it's time to say goodbye to the illustrated icon passwords.  Don't get me wrong -- they will always be near-and-dear to my heart.  However, we listened to our users and decided to go with a traditional username and password.
  • LOST PASSWORDS. If you give consent, students will now be able to attach emails to their accounts.  This means they can retrieve their own lost password!
The above changes are just the tip of the iceberg.  More than anything, this major overhaul is about making your lives easier.  Whether you're creating a class, unlocking a story for your students, assigning nuggets, or just browsing the videos, everything has been simplified.  
This new update will launch this fall.  
Oh, and guess what?  We're not raising prices!
Monsieur Wooly
Do we really need to say more?  
Coming soon
Look for it late summer, French teachers.  
New Music Videos
We promise to never lose site of the thing that put us on the map: BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEOS, and we have some exciting new stories planned for 2019-20.
New videos
A couple of months ago, I received an email from a student who said, "Sr. Wooly, I like your videos, but some day (SOON PROBABLY!) you're gonna run out of ideas."
The email briefly gave me pause.  After all, I think all creators sometimes wonder if the well will eventually run dry.  But then I chuckled and replied to his email: 
Thank you for your email, [STUDENT NAME].  I appreciate your concern about the inevitable limits to my creativity.  However, please don't lose any sleep over me.  All we're trying to do at Sr. Wooly is to tell really awesome stories that happen to use simple Spanish. And, frankly, there will never be a shortage of good stories to tell. Thanks for taking the time to write!
-Sincerely, Sr. W
I then banned him from the site.
As we head into summer, I hope you'll consider sticking with Sr. Wooly for another year. We've grown a lot in the last 10 years, we've learned a lot, but we're still just a bunch of geeks who like telling fun stories with simple language.
I know that you have many other options on how to spend your limited department funds, but we hope you that you'll consider a subscription to Señor Wooly.  
It's VERY affordable:
  • Only $3.75 a month for a BASIC subscription
  • Only $7.08 a month for a PRO subscription.
And, if you already have one, please consider a bulk subscription for your department.  Your students might be going to different Spanish teacher in your department, and they want to find out what happens to Gorro!
Reach out us at [email protected] for bulk rates.  
Yes, Sr. Wooly accepts purchase orders!
Perhaps your school or district will purchase a Sr. Wooly subscription for you!
Please download this order form that contains instructions on how to set up a purchase order with Sr. Wooly.
Illustration of Sr. Wooly