Day 2 of Wooly Week - New Music Video

Feb 06, 2019

Today is the SECOND DAY of Wooly Week! Two days in and the weeklong celebration of all things Wooly is just getting warmed up!

And today we're giving you what we know you've been waiting for: a brand new original song!

Whether you're planning on just using the new releases of the week, or if you plan on following the detailed, daily lesson plans, we promise that Wooly Week will be a celebration to remember.

You'll find details on the big Tuesday release below:






Tuesday's Big Release:
Una canción original
Banner image for Una cancion original
Two years ago, during the first Wooly Week, a Spanish teacher named Jennifer Bilby won the grand prize: an original song written by Sr. Wooly. Initially it was going to be a tiny little thing--something that we wrote and recorded in a day. 
Banner image for Una cancion original
However, we just didn't like what we came up with. So we delayed for a while. And then we delayed some more. Jennifer Bilby was never anything but the picture of perfect patience.  Six months ago, we finally realized what the song was about.  Today we release the official song and video. We hope you enjoy it!
Banner image for Una cancion original
But this song is just the beginning, because along with it, PRO subscribers also have access to:  
  • ​10 nuggets of proficiency-developing activities
  • 3 levels of embedded readings
  • Supplementary packet
  • Karaoke video (NEW for all songs this week!)
  • Slideshow of Stills
  • ALL the materials to accompany the activities from the Wooly Week lesson plans
The Lesson Plans
If you've been reading the newsletters, you know that we have released comprehensive lesson plans for up to 2 weeks!  However, some of that information is [REDACTED] in order to preserve some of the week's surprises.  
Good news!  The Monday and Tuesday lesson plans have been UNREDACTED.  Please re-read the Tuesday lesson plans to get all the details on how to implement today's Pre-Tell and World Premiere in your classes!
Find the lesson plans right here: