Good news, bad news - Wooly Week 2023

Feb 16, 2023


The Wooly Digest Illustration
February 14, 2023
Dear Friends,
I have good news and bad news. 
The bad news is that we have to delay Wooly Week for 2 weeks. I know this is frustrating and that it puts a wrench in some of your plans. Quite simply, we've had a couple of unexpected and unfortunate delays. I sincerely apologize for the change of plans.
The good news is that something rather extraordinary has happened. I found something that I had feared to be lost. I can't tell you what it is (yet), but it's pretty spectacular, and although the 2 week delay has nothing to do with this good news, we're going to make lemonade and use the extra time to integrate it into Wooly Week. I know I'm not giving you any specifics, but please know that this is very good news.
So, what are the new dates for Wooly Week? Read below for the details:
Teacher Launch Week
March 6 to 10
During this week, you'll be able to preview all of the stories, the lesson plans, attend webinars, see the raffle ticket prizes that are being offered, and more. 
Wooly Week begins with students
Mon, March 13
If you want to get started right away, this is day! But remember, you don't have to start right away. You'll have 6 full weeks to complete any activities you want with your students. 
Final Day for Wooly Week Activities
Fri, April 21
April 21 is when Wooly Week comes to a close. Or, rather, it's the last day that you can earn raffle tickets for participating in Wooly Week activities.
Did you know that we will release 3 full weeks of lesson plans for Wooly Week, one for each story? Three weeks! We'll take care of everything for you -- the planning, the learning objectives, the rationales, and the resources.  
Plus, we're leveling almost every activity and resource to 4 proficiency levels. That way you can use these stories and lesson plans with every single class! 
If you've done Wooly Week with us in the past, you know that our plans are stellar at modelling just how much you can do with a music video (beyond just clicking play). And this year is the first time that we've launched a graphic novel during Wooly Week, so if you've ever been confused how to teach with a graphic novel, we have some fantastic ideas to share.
Remember that you can do as little or as much as you want. Some of you will only do one story. Others will dive in and do all three. Still others will simply pick and choose a few activities a la carte from the lesson plans.
The more activities you do, the more raffle tickets you'll earn! 
Are you a member of the Facebook group, Woology? It's a fantastic resource for sharing ideas about how to use Wooly.
In addition, Woology will be ground zero for discussing the 5-day Wooly Week lesson plans. There will be a lot of people sharing ideas, making modifications, asking questions, and more. 
I'll be there too! Join us!