2nd Annual Wooly Raffle (Day 5)

Feb 16, 2018

The Wooly Raffle

Just like last year, we wanted to celebrate Wooly Week with a raffle that's as absurd as we are.  

That's why the prizes are almost all unique items that you can't buy or obtain in any other way.

Before I get into the details, please know that you can participate in as much or as little of this contest as you like.  If you wish to take part in absolutely everything, then great!  If you only have time for one activity a day, that's great too.  



To learn how to enter into this raffle, please download the pdf of rules below. Read everything carefully.  If you do not follow every rule, your entry will be discarded.  








Grand Prize #1
Sr. Wooly Will Be Your Substitute Teacher

If you win this grand prize, I will show up to your school (on a pre-agreed upon date, of course).  Without warning or fanfare, I will begin teaching your class. 

Sr. Wooly will visit your class


Once the jig is up, of course, we can turn the class into whatever you want.  Singalongs, questions, stories, and more. 

Hopefully your students will not know that I am coming.   For this reason, in order to hide the surprise from students, although the winner will be alerted at once, the winner's name will not be made public until after the event has taken place.

Grand Prize #2
Original Artwork by Juan Carlos Pinilla

Win custom artwork illustrated by Juan Carlos Pinilla, the exceedingly talented Colombian artist who illustrated both of my graphic novels as well as almost all the artwork on this website.

Original Juan Carlos artwork!

If you win, we'll ask you a couple of questions in order to personalize the artwork for you.  The final artwork will then be professionally printed and sent to you.

You'll be the only person in the world to get this artwork!


1st Place Prize
Skype Day!

If you win, Sr. Wooly will spend an entire day video chatting with your classes. All day, Sr. Wooly will field questions from your students (in English, Spanish, or both). 

Skype with Sr. Wooly

He promises not to wear the brown bathrobe.

2nd Place Prize
Private Reference to You/Your school in Upcoming Video!

If you win this prize, we will put either (A) your name or (B) your school's name as a private reference in one of the upcoming videos that we release in 2019.  

Private Reference

 3rd Place Prizes
More Props! Props! Props!

Last year we gave away a lot of props from our music videos.  Understandably, we don't have quite as many props to give away this time.  However, we have a few notable ones.  



Los Guapos Banner

Here's a prop from today's new music video, Feo.  It's a 4' x 4' vinyl banner.  There are only two in existence.  We're keeping one here at the Sr. Wooly office, and if you win, the other one will go to you! 

Win the Los Guapos poster from Feo


Puré de Papas

Here's a prop from last year's hit video, Amnesia.  If you've seen the video, you will probably recognize this iconic sign.  There is only one of these in existence, and if you win, it's yours.

The Puré de Papas sign from Amnesia

Tú No Eres Guapo Poster

Here is another prop from the new video, Feo.  Juan Carlos Pinilla designed this absolutely awesome poster for the gym sequence.  As with the banner, there are only two copies of this poster in existence.  We're keeping one for the the office, and if you win, you get the other one.  

This poster is quite large at 24" x 36". 

Tú No Eres Guapo Poster

Checkbook from Feo

Here's your weirdest, most obscure prop of the day.  The actual checkbook used in Feo, containing the photograph of our happy couple.  

Checkbook from Feo


Sr. Wooly Banner

A beautiful, vinyl Sr. Wooly banner featuring Billy la Bufanda. The size of the banner is 6' X 2'. Plus, it will be autographed by me!

Sr. Wooly Banner


4th Place Prizes


A class set of 30 Billy y las Botas graphic novels and a free teacher's guide. 

Billy Graphic Novel

Number of winners: 1


A class set of La Casa de La Dentista graphic novels and a free teacher's guide.

Dentista Graphic Novel

Number of winners: 1 

The brand new Gorro hat


Number of winners: 3 

 A 3-year subscription to Señor Wooly PRO.

 Pro subscription

Number of winners: 1 


5th Place Prizes
Autographed Goods!

Last but not least, we will give out a handful of autographed goods, signed by me!  Because when you decide to celebrate an entire week devoted to yourself, why not go all in?

  • Autographed Guapo poster (3 winners)
  • Autographed ¿Puedo ir al baño? poster (3 winners)
  • Autographed Billy y las Botas poster (3 winners)
  • Autographed La Casa de La Dentista poster (3 winners)
  • Autographed Billy y las Botas graphic novel (3 winners)
  • Autographed hardback of La Casa de La Dentista (3 winners)